New Garnath/Antilla Embassy in Amber City

His Serene Highness, Prince Matthew of Garnath and King/Emperor of Antillas will be constructing a new Embassy in Amber City in the nicknamed “Belgravia” Embassy district. The new building to look castle like in its design is reminiscent of Embassies in Kensington in different Earths.

As Prince of independent Garnath, King Matthew owns a unique status allowing him to have a different relationship than just owning a rock in the Earth Zone which Antilla and its Railway Empire consists of. It is for that reason, King Bleys allowed Matthew to have a slightly larger embassy than the UT Imperial Embassy.

The Garnath Embassy also represents the large international banking interests that have been headquartered in Garnath. The Golden Circle Kingdoms have been patronizing the Garnath Bank rather than the Nod/New Vegas Banks though some Golden Circle potentates have accounts in New Vegas Banks to easily give presents and tribute to Golden Circle Prime Minister Jericho.

Antilla is linked by rail to Lambeth, Tiereth, New Vegas, UT, Outer World Empire, Parys and through Parys by Airship to Brandenberg.

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