Bertie Wesker

Bertram Wesker

Bertram Wesker, who also answers to “Bert” and “Bertie”. At present his mother is unknown. He is average to tall, with an average build and black hair. He seems to resemble a very young Vincent Price.

He graduated the Imperial Highblood Academy with a particularly undistinguished academic career. He managed to avoid any kind of prominence, as well as any significant punishments or demerits. It is unsubstantiated whether internal records of the IHBA actually use the words “slug,” “weasel,” or “jackal.” He apparently did best in Archaeology and Occult Arts.

It is unconfirmed whether he is listed on the books of the Umbrella Corporation as a Remittance Man. He seems to have more than few ties with that entity and seems to be able to call upon the resources of the same if he needs to.

His father is Albert Wesker.

He seems to like selected 1950’s to 1970’s music, art, literature and media of that time, as would be tied to ‘ancient Earth’. Especially late 1950’s to early 1960’s.

He has been seen with a woman named Meghan, that he met on a café/bar crawl. She is a widow of a soldier who died defending the Antilla Railway. They get along more famously than not. She seems to be fond of pole dancing…

He recently opened an avante garde coffeehouse plus called the Kaleida on the strip in Antilla Station. It started out as a fairly nondescript shop, then something happened. (there is a writeup elsewhere on the wiki about it, under Antilla Station). It is now a rather whacky funky place and seems to suit Bert the owner fine. Who seems to spend more than a bit of time there. It is often open late, depending on whether or not the boss is there)

It was also witnessed recently that Bert and Meghan were wed at the Kaleida under a Pastafarian service, officiated by Kai. There was a rather late party that featured lots of pasta and Kai wearing a colander on his head. The bride wore flowers and the Barbie in a wedding gown in ln lieu of a bouquet was expertly whiffle batted by the MOH, one of the servers named Faye, and stuck to the server golem amazon named Bubbles. One really late party ensued that featured Kalyn on the Wurlitzer, lots of carbs, and too much wine and other things. Apparently nothing either Jasra nor Fiona could find fault with.  (off past left field from Morganastic)