Liss Forest

Barony of Liss Forest

Ruled by Gregor Sobiefski, son of Deirdre, the barony is nestled on the fringes of Arden, bisected by the headwaters of the River Trent. Journeying to Liss is much easier now the canals have been completed, and is best done by river barge or boat. A tow path follows the river and is wide enough to support commercial traffic.

Liss Forest was a wilderness inhabited by deer, mountain goats, wolves, cougars and bears before Gregor’s arrival, but much of the timber has been cut down for buildings and the sweeping mountain slopes terraced for agriculture. Immigration has boosted the population markedly, and sparce villages have been replaced by several bustling market towns and a large transport terminus at the head of the canal.

Major industries include fishing, cattle, sheep, forestry, furs and mining. Liss Forest’s largest industrial effort aside from the canals comes from timber and quarrying limestone.

The regions’s population has trebled since Gregor’s arrival and is second only to Welksham as the most populous barony in the Amber hinterland.

The border on the Trent River is marked by two bluestone menhir with unicorns carved facing each other and Amber City.

Liss Castle

The castle an irregular shape following the contours of Mount Liss, topped by a single tower of dark granite and marble.

Around its base lies the sprawling monastery of Faeilla the Sacred Mother, whose bell towers stand at each compass point and whose tolling can be heard for miles around calling the faithful to prayer. There are few windows, but many gaily painted shutters dotted around the perimeter. It is a defensive building rather than a decorative one, and there is no glass in evidence.

The Town of Liss Green is the seat of the barony and the center of government services. It has the largest and most complete market and is home to the seasonal agricultural show. Built at the confluence of the River Tame and the Trent, the community is protected by high walls of granite, with stakes and earthworks. There is a small garrison that also carries out the duties of the town watch.

People of Note

Dmitri Darkmoore                • Abbott of Liss

Fedor Djugashvili               • Chamberlain of Liss Castle

Marina Fedorova           • Warden Marshall of Liss Green

Borislav Rejtan                 • Constable of Liss Green and Master of Canals

Adrianne Tanner                 • Magistrate of Liss Green

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