Asgardian Arts and Learning


From his earliest days in Amber, Magnus showed an obvious favor towards open schools that provided instruction to all qualified students, regardless of social status or level of wealth.  Establishing programs that traded tuition for service using the knowledge gained during their training, he quickly built funnels used to provide skilled labor.

Upon moving to Asgard, Magnus continued the development of such schools, broadening the focus to provide his lands with capable leaders, sorcerers, technical innovators, lore masters, and healers.


  • Purpose:  The “Tower of the Gods” is the administrative facility and chief training center for the Asgardian Goði priesthood.
  • Location: Gilsaved is located in Horn lands, southwest of the lake, Auga Óðins, on the river Skínandi.
  • Ruler: Bodil
  • Notable Programs:  Outside of general training and education for members of the polytheistic Asgardian priesthood, the schools of Gislaved also produce the Fyrirspyrjandi, Asgard’s inquisitors who supposedly trade their voices for the ability to detect falsehoods.

Hús Allra

  • Purpose:  The “House of All” is Asgard’s school of university-level learning
  • Location:  The Great School is located in the city of Lindelse.
  • Ruler:  Yrsa Linde
  • Notable Programs:  Multiple advanced degree programs exist at the Great School, including:
    • Creation Diplomacy
    • Rune Mastery
    • Government Services

Hús Brjóta

  • Purpose:  The Hús Brjóta is the Asgardian Military Academy, open to both Asgardian and Útlendinga students.
  • Location:  Hrafnborg
  • Ruler:  Herforingi Malaba
  • Notable Programs:  A number of specialist programs exist, including:
    • Inter-Shadow Strategy
    • Cross-Shadow Logistics
    • Frontier Expansion
    • Military Integration


  • Purpose:  The Island of the Ridden is used to train the Asgardian twin-souled, teaching them both control and how to best use their gifts.
  • Location:  Island off of the southeastern edge of Asgard in Kärling lands.
  • Ruler:  Angrif “the Beast”
  • Notable Programs:  In Jomsburg there is only one program and one way to graduate.  All Ridden deemed unable to control themselves are put to death.


  • Purpose:  The “Eagles’ Nest” is used to store the remnants of fallen Tile’s learning and power.
  • Location:  The tower is located on the eastern mountain ranges of Asgard, overlooking the last remants of the fallen Tile.
  • Ruler:  Harald Magnusson
  • Notable Programs:  None known.

The Refactory

  • Purpose:  The Refactory is Asgard’s primary metallurgical and technological research and production center.
  • Location:  The Refactory is located in the Anker capital of Huldremose.
  • Ruler:  Hafdan Anker
  • Notable Programs:  The most sought after roles in the Refactory are researching positions that focus upon the development of Asgardian Iron alloys and the integration design centers responsible for the crafting of dual-powered systems (ICE and magical).

The Seiðrhol

  • Purpose:  The Seiðrhol is Asgard’s primary magical academy.  It is available for both native Asgardians and Útlendinga students.
  • Location:  Hrafnborg
  • Ruler:  Seidkonur Helle
  • Notable Programs:  Numerous courses, both theory and practical application, are taught, including:
    • Rune Magic
    • Ritual Workings
    • Battle Magic
    • Divination
    • Communication


  • Purpose:  Skaldshome is the Asgardian center of learning for skalds and loremasters.  It is the location of the Library of Glatað, one of the greatest repositories of books in the Power.
  • Location:  Skaldshome is located in Neergaard lands on the western coast of Asgard.
  • Ruler:  Simeon Lagidfugl
  • Notable Programs:  General training of skalds and loremasters is accomplished through a master-journeyman-apprentice model.  Additional training programs are available for the following:
    • Court Bards
    • Clan Lore / Instructors
    • Lorekeepers
    • Investigation

Vogir Nornanna

  • Purpose:  The “Houses of Healing” are the primary hospitals and training facilities for Healers in Asgard.
  • Location:  Lammhult
  • Ruler:  Troels Vind
  • Notable Programs:  Training programs are designed to produce healers of varying levels of skill and focus, including:
    • Clan Healers
    • Battlefield Medics
    • Researchers
    • House Healers

The Arts

Recent focus has been placed upon development of facilities dedicated to artistic advancements within Asgard.  These focus areas include writing, painting, acting, sculpture, poetry, and philosophy.

The Verðlaunapall

  • Purpose:  The Verðlaunapall is the newly constructed center for the arts in Asgard.  It consists of a campus of buildings containing historical and art museums, conference and concert halls, stage facilities, construction centers, and administrative buildings.
  • Location:  Hrafnborg
  • Ruler:  Itzhak Vind
  • Notable Programs:  The facilities provide numerous presentation capabilities at this time.  The focus is upon presenting subject matter expertise rather than acting as a school.  Some of the venues include:
    • The Kargent Museum – Art display museum
    • The Sýnir Stað – Low security Asgardian artifact display museum
    • The Bifrost Stage – Theater hall and presentation center
    • Rundin Hall – Arboretum and statuary museum
    • The Rostrum – Concert and stage hall used for music, spoken word, and philosophical presentatio


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