Korbin Rexford Barriman

HRH Prince Korbin Jasper Cayo Rexford Barriman, the Earl of Aloyiustown and his sisters Karla, Kayla, Kamilla Barriman are the new residents of Brideshead Palace in Central Amber.

At a recent party held at the palace, it became apparent that all four were children of Gaius Bleyson, as well as having Rexford descent.

– Amber history of Brideshead Palace

Oberon had given it to the Dukes of Rexford as a country house until it was sold back to the Crown of Amber when the Grand Duke had a falling out with Oberon.
It is one of the most beautiful palaces still intact in central Amber and survived the Civil War. It was occupied by Gaius and Bleys forces who had it in central Amber as a regional headquarters. It was abandoned and was protected by Princesses Fiona and Florimel during that the second part of the Civil War.