Wendell Interviewed by Opera Winnifried

OW: “You have a reputation as an advanced scholar. How do you compare to people such as Matthew, who studied directly under Dworkin? What are your specialties? What do you want to learn?”

Mountain Dew Wendell
Wendell with his Mountain Dew in Amber City

W: “I am not so privileged to study under Dworkin. I am a proud graduate of the Helgram Academy.” he says proudly, “Yes Bleys will be announcing that
name shortly. “I studied sorcery, ritual, history, economics, Chaos and Black Zone Geography and Economics, Amber studies, and so on.”

“What would I want to learn… ” he ponders, “probably a lot beginning with how to outfox the twins.”

OW: “You might take lessons from Riva and Guy.

Wendell looks confused, “Why is that? I don’t think they outfoxed Riva and Guy.” he ponders, “Part of me feels sorry for the Twins as they are fun guys
but part of me thinks they deserve it cause their hazing style rituals get a bit rough. You never know if they are faking or being nice.”

OW: “Are you sure if they know?’

Wendell pauses, “They are so cheerful and boppy and happy. Even when they are taking advantage of the situation and are being thorough little punks, it is hard to not be affected by the cheeriness. They seem permanently in a high.” he shrugs, “It is really hard to tell if they are for real.”

OW: “But Riva and Guy did outfox the twins. Do you know how?”

Wendell Car
Wendell with a car in Shadow

W: All I have learned is that they set up a trap and the Twins because they like sneaking around, were not prepared for a full scale ambush
with kregora used.”

OW: Tell me more about the Helgram Royal Academy. So far, the more prominent — or notorious — Helgram scholars seem to be Fiona and her son Isaac, at least to hearIsaac say it.”

W: “It is one of Creation’s finest post secondary facilities. It is also one of the oldest as well. It has trained generations of Helgrams and has prepared
them to have the finest skills in demand. They have the best Chaos Soccer team in the Varsity sector. They beat the Borstal Boys (IHBA) all the time.”

“The academy is really cool and it has the best instructors all of whom are related to us.” he chuckles. “But then they are related to almost all the
students so it avoids nepotism.”

Wendell and GF
Wendell and the Lovely Lady on his arm

OW: “But not favoritism — Amber families are usual in that regard, at least!”

Wendell chuckles, “Favourtism unless one is blind deaf and dumb is a reality. Even a quantitative test needs quality scale before hand to
properly evaluate the data.”