Chandani Isabelle Shah de Corey

Chandani is Atreya’s younger full sister, looks to be in her mid 20’s. Stands around 5’4″ tall, weighs about 115 lbs. Blonde haired, blue eyed, slender build, Asian influence in her features and coloring. Wears monkish garb in shades of crimson, green, and gold.

Chandani’s Colors: Crimson, Green, Gold

Chandani’s Symbol: Golden endless knot on a black field.


Like her brother Atreya, Chandani is a student of the mystic arts though not to Atreya’s level. Has a staff she likes to use in combat.

Titles (known thus far):

Greater Lorraine

  • Princess of Greater Lorraine

Greater Pacifica

  • Princess of Greater Pacifica
  • Princess of Nepal


  • Princess of Parys


  • Princess of Amber