Svartalfheim, the Land of the Dokkalfar


Svartalfheim is a genuine labyrinth of tunnels and incredibly steep staircases, always changing, in the deepest darkness. The passages are sometimes interspersed with rooms lit by gorgeous gems, which are subsequently impossible to find again. Just like their brothers who remained in Alfheim, the dokkalfar love variety and change as suits their mood, although their moods are much darker. There are no seasons underground, but the humid wind sometimes whistles through the smallest crevices of the rocks, chilling the temperature. The tunnels are freezing cold, but in the rooms in which alfar live, you would believe you were in a field of flowers during a nice spring day while gentle sun warms your skin.

There is no agriculture or herds in these places. The dokkalfar do not see the point to them. They live off the magical food they create.


The dokkalfar


The Onyx Queen and Obsidian King


Like the alfar, the courts of the dokkalfar move with the seasons.


The dokkalfar, their creatures, and various monsters that exist between the dokkalfar cities

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