The (New) Conclave

The New Conclave of the Most Royal Sanctuary (the Council of Thirteen) has renounced its pledge of eternal loyalty to King Oberon of Fatherland, presumed King of Amber and presumed Overlord of Solstice, following their excommunication and expulsion by the machinations of the Cainovich Clans. This is in accordance with the detailed wording sought by King Brand of Brandenberg and his son Prince Geran.

Ted (left) and Kolven (right)

Ted is the Voice of The Conclave, Secretary General and Prince-President; Kolven is the Hand of the Conclave and Prince-Vice President;  and Colton is an honourary non-voting member and named as heir to either Ted or Kolven. Only Members of the (Solstice) Oberonic Council of Nine may take these roles.

Signed and sealed by the New Conclave of the Most Royal Sanctuary (Council of Fifteen)

Current Members of the Conclave

Representing the Dark Grey Unicorn Club

Dark Julia – Renounced Dark Oberon and excommunicated
Dark Coral – Renounced Dark Oberon and excommunicated
Dark Nayda – Renounced Dark Oberon and excommunicated

Representing The Albertine Faction

Replacing the Deirdre faction, which quit the Conclabe because of its developing ties to New Vegas/Nod and Brandenberg is the Albertine Faction. Representatives:

Theresa Chance, Chair of the Conclave Security Committee
Thurgood of House Random – freed from UT petnapping

Other members of the faction:

  • Egwald FitzEdward
  • Teaghan of House Random
  • Thomson of House Random
  • Vincent O’Merlin

Theresa Chance has been named a full Council Member and is recruiting fellow members of the Albertine Faction, mostly Random sons who are actively protecting their family from petnapping.

Representing the (Non Rilga) (new) United Reformed Church of the Unicorn.

They have legalized drinking and dancing and accept Bleys as King of Amber and say mistreating Helgrams is not their way.

Abuse Not Wittingham
Kill-sin Goodman

Representing the remaining Black Dwarf Kingdom(s)

Durin Illuminated Stone
Vice-Dux Falfi Stonechewer
– They have accepted peace with New Vegas and Asgard though they will not shake their hands

Representing the Collos Set

Trajanus Jesby
Ferdinand FitzEric

Representing the New Gheneshi Horde

Rider Gooseberry
Rider Cotoneaster

Other signatories:

  • Wixen Greennose, Sergeant of Arms for the Commission, Baron of the Court and Councillor of the Black Dwarves
  • Senior Elder – Praise Unicorn Breakspeare, of the United Reformed Amber Church of the Unicorn
  • Duncan of House FitzHelgram – E’Mette Teacozy
  • Dr. Anne Crossbuns of Green Clean Parys
  • Elgia Seahorse of the New (pragmatic) Remban Movement
  • Ivy and Pontius FitzJesby – free thinkers
  • Chalcedon Jesby – Victim of Paul cutting off his ear, representing victims
  • Molly Ringworm – ex-Social Justice Warrior and Customer Service Manager
  • Tampa FitzRex Lifesaver – Champion and Hero
  • Dark Jurt – Ex-Fatherland envoy from Dark Oberon – Renounced Dark Oberon and excommunicated, now collects motorcycle and practices swearing. Wears a hole in his pocket on the opposite side as Solstice Jurt.

The Belize Faction

Prince Michael Mike of House Gerard
Prince Taft of House Random
Prince Tennyson of House Random
Emily Ossian Jesby

Former members of the Conclave

Morris Leif the Dishwater, Acting High Priest of the Dark Asgardian Church of Dark Oberon
expelled for torture charges, petnapping and for refusing to accept Ted and Kolven as the new bosses.

Ahasuerus McCloud – Envoy of Prince Harandorim of House Mandor and head of the Mandor Rebel Alliance withdrew in protest over ties to Brandenberg and New Vegas

Suzy Struthers of Feed the Hungry Missing – no successor named. Organization falling apart

Representing the Deirdre Court

Lady Anastasia
Lady Trudy

The Deirdre Court quit the Conclave because of its growing ties to Nod/New Vegas and Brandenberg.

Statement from the New Conclave

“Good morning,” said Kolven speaking on location at a pre-recorded conversation from a villa sitting outside with his colleague Ted. Ted is enjoying a glass of white wine while nodding to much of Kolven’s statement.

“I am Kolven and this is Ted and we are the co-chairs of the Conclave. The Conclave seeks peace with all our Cornelian rebellions and we oppose Unliife, Atlacoya, Baba Yaga and the Mesopotamians. We are Cornelian High Bloods and your kinsmen as are the entirety of the Conclave.”

“We support all existing Cornelian governments in their realms including Chaos, Amber, Parys, Brandenberg, Asgard and Triskellion. We recognize their governments and all current Earthgovs by Cornelians including the Lotharigian Rock Cluster.” Kolven says.

“We are not engaged in any conflict with a Cornelian power though we assist allies in conflict with Unlife, Atlacoya and Baba Yaga. We also oppose all who try to restore a new Erebus style superabyss storm.” Kolven says.

“We do not seek recognition at this time though if any nations wish good relations with us, we will happily talk to them.” Kolven says, “We have ties that we do not hide, from affiliations with other Cornelians in other continuums. We know the importance of good relations with everyone who is not trying to do harm.”

“We condemn the Russian Dark Amber Cainovich faction that has been creating mischief and aligning with local Solstice malcontents. I understand they are upset at the banishment of their father, Dark Caine from Solstice. We support the decision to ban Dark Caine and will not associate nor affiliate with the Dark Amber Cainovichs nor violent Solstice Cainovichs.” Kolven explains bluntly.

“We have created 23,034 hospitals in rocks and shadows for humans and demons. We have built 123,030 major pieces of infrastructure across Solstice. We have built 23,022 schools and an additional 20,220 recreational facilities. We build 12,223 energy producing facilities that do not use uranium fusion nor fossil fuels.” Kolven says, “We have not required a military nor economic alliance with any nation that we assisted.’

Ted puts his wine down, “What Kolven is saying is that we are not your enemy. We are being forces for good. For those who want to accept us, the Conclave, that is great. For those who do not, at least you know what we have done.”

“Thank you for your time,” Kolven says politely. “Good night to everyone. Special hello to Colton. Stay safe and don’t put yourself at risk again in those weird Voidlands. We miss you.”

End of transmission.

General Information on the Conclave

The organization has declared its sovereignty using comparable to the Templars and Order of Malta. This occurred after their ejection from the Dark Oberon organization for being “too flirty” with New Vegas and Nod which was planned by the Cainovich Clans both some from Solstice and some from Fatherland/Mix. Since that point, the Conclave has renounced their ties to Dark Oberon according to a demand from Brand of Brandenberg and Prince Geran.

Some member groups supported leaving Dark Oberon but others quit the conclave due to the ties forming with ‘establishment’ New Vegas/Nod and Brandenberg and Amber.

Lately the Conclave, which controls many Rocks and many more Shadows, has been engaged in a three way war against the Cainovich Clans and Gaston’s Empire. It recently won two substantial military victories – on in nearby Udun region and the other in space attacking a Cainovich Rock.

In accordance with Nod/New Vegas rules, petnapping is no longer allowed and Colmar was freed though he has been known to be still friends with Ted, Kolven and Theresa Chance and visits them frequently. Kolven reportedly has good ties to Prince Artur as well.

Ted and Kolven have restored ties with the other members of the ultra shadowy Oberonic Order of the Nine, and have brought in three new candidate members including Ted’s kid half brother.