Exotic metals and other materials

Solstice has a variety of metals, crystals and other oddities, which sometimes get a bit confusing as to what does what. So here’s a basic list of some of them.


Mithril – think Lord of the Rings. A very light, very tough metal, originally made by the elves, which can be used for weapons, armour and jewellery. Very silvery and more so in moonlight

Kregora – a dark grey green to black metal which is known to block arcane abilities, both magical an inherent such as shapeshifting.

Vibranium – exceedingly strong metal, for use in weapons, armor, etc. The largest known desposit is on Earth-616, which is under the control of Glen in Earth 616. Jericho rumoured to have lesser quality supplies.

Meteoric iron – a very basic form of iron which can easily take magical properties

Black (and other forms of) eog –

Galvorn/Galborn –

Red metal –

White metal –

Black metal –

Blue steel –

Sun Metal

Monatomic Thorium –


Laen – blue, elven glass. Very hard to work, but exceedingly durable. Can be used for weapons and armour, as well as jewellery and other uses.

Blue crystal – aka tragoliths. First discovered by Jasra. Coating something in blue crystal means that arcane abilities cannot cross the barrier (hence blue crystal sacks). Can also be used for tracking. Can only be worked by a crystal mage.

White crystal –

Yellow crystal –

Black crystal –

Moldavite –

Firestone –

Moonstone –

Larimarite – a mineral native to Stillwater. Opaque non crystal
structure. Can be used for the storage of souls as well as ritual energy.

Sugalite –

Obsidian –

Malachite –


Carnelian – Lynx and First Chakra

Amethyst –

Sapphire –

Opal –

Bloodstone –

Lonsdaleite – Hexagonal Diamond Exists in RL – made from carbon atoms arranged differently 58% harder than diamond – produced graphic content meteorites hit the earth. Rumours are that UT may be working on an Octagonal Diamond…. Antilla may be working on a Nonalgal Diamond.

– Wurtzite Boron Nitride – produced by rare volcanic explosions – RL harder than diamonds but not as hard as Lonsdaleite

Some rare/exotic RL gemstones – They have been flagged

– Alexandrite
– Benitoite
– Tanzanite
– Antlerite
– Iolite

Other materials

Merasha – a kind of poison which blocks powers when ingested.

Ungoliant silk- stronger than steel and tougher than Kelvar. 100X stronger and tougher than the real-life equivalent (Darwin Bark Spider Silk – toughest substance made by earth living creatures). Ungoliant silk is harder than Dyneema – strongest known fiber in RL is 15X steel while Kelvar is 7X steel.

– Aerographene (RL substance very very light) an elastic foam than is very light and can balance on flowers and grasses.

– There is a rumour that there are experiments where a sun has been compressed and contained into a really super powerful, super magical magical bottle and compressed into a gemstone. (Not quite Neutron stars because the huge mass is suppressed).