The Abyss

The Abyss (as distinct from the the Old Abyss Empire) is the void that surrounds all continuua. It is divided into twelve confirmed Realms, each ruled by an Abyss Queen and is populated by being known as the “Hags”, as well as some poor souls that fell into the Abyss and could never get out.


It has three “depths”:

  • Brownwater is the area near to a continuum
  • Bluewater is the area between the continua
  • Blackwater is below Bluewater

This region currently filled with a lot of wreckage and all sorts of scattered matter (after the destruction of most of Outer Parys in November 2017). Think of the particles around Saturn that are ringed around it. It is also where Oberon built a series of ‘abyss weather stations’ (though they have not been found), as well as differing sizes of bases from Peel Towers/Marcello Fortresses/Maunsell Forts to full scale operational bases. Most of these are abandoned, as Oberon stripped them bare after the Helgrams were driven out of Amber, as Rilga thought they were a wasteful expense. More were shut down by Eric in the Amber Civil War. They were completely abandoned when Oberon needed manpower for his Patternfall War with Chaos.

Sand and Delwin’s kingdoms, and that of their mother Helga, though further from Amber are considered Brownwater instead of Bluewater.


The Abyss between continua. Most of the known areas between Solstice and Fatherland and Equinox/Aurellis/Sable. It is also the location of many independent city state rocks and the remnants of the Abyss Empire. Swayville still claims the title from his father of Emperor of the Abyss Empire and claims he has been rebuilding colonies. Cocoa, Vero, Jupiter, Echo and Stillwater are some of the prominent centres within the Bluewater Abyss. Mircopowers may also exist in this area.


The area of the abyss where there are no continua known to be on the other side. Sort of like open water. The Abyss Queendoms exist in both distant bluewater and some blackwater.

Free abyssal rocks

There are a number of “Free” states in the Abyss, located on their own rocks. These include: Stillwater, Cocoa Beach, Echo Beach, Hanlon’s Point, Port St. Lucie, Redwing, Vero Beach, Jupiter Beach, Titusville, Port St. Augie, Daytona Port, Smyrna Beach, Port Pierce – (another Fort Valentinian), Sebastian Beach, Melbourne Beach, Rosa Beach, Merritt Port, Valkaria, Lake City

Operating in the Abyss

To be able to operate in the Abyss with any degree of success, it is necessary to have some kind of Abyss related power/initiation, magic or affinity.

The tell-tale sign that a world is part of one of the Abyss levels, is that the sun will be black.

Charting in the Abyss is very difficult as everything moves irregularly and unpredictably. Frequent travel and secret roads, ribbons, paths, stairs are in existence. Corwin has an interesting collection of roads that he may or may not have created, but has certainly occupied in the past. He forgot much of this network and is working to rediscover them.

King Oberon is known to have had links and dealings with the Abyss; while the realm of Rebma participated in Abyss worship.

Of the current Elders, it is known that Delwin and Sand have extensive holdings in the Abyss; certain iterations of Deirdre are involved in Abyss politics; Llewella has had involvement with the Abyss through Rebma; and Corwin has devised a system of roads for transport and communication within the Abyss.

High Blood is always welcome and is bought. The current currency unit of exchange between the Abyss Queendoms is the Barrel of Victor Crude (BVC), which has a floating exchange rate to gold and mithril. This is based on large volumes of blood from Victor FitzChann blood that came into the hands of the Abyss through questionable activities. While there is a lot of Victor Crude, industrial use of the substance has kept the levels stable. Mandor tried to inflate the market but offended many of the Abyss Queens by this desperate series of actions. They also accept payments of different forms of ritual power. Many disreputable ones accept sacrifices as well. BVC is the unit of payment between the Abyss Queendoms and has a floating exchange rate to gold, and mithril.

The Abyssal Queens

There are 13 Queendoms of the Abyss each ruled by a respective Queen. Rumour has it that there may be a 14th realm but that is speculation and the 13 have not agreed on recognizing any such entity.

These political entities barely survived the Great Abyss Superstorm that destroyed civilization on so many Rocks in the Abyss including much of the 26 great provinces of the Justin-Constans Dynasty that ruled over the Abyss Empire. Thelbane was the only province that survived relatively intact and became home of the Logrus and the Shadow experiment.

Information on the 13 queens can be found in more detail by clicking here for those with good relations to Chaos and here for those that don’t.

Relations with Chaos

MOST RESPECTABLE – special relationship with the Courts of Chaos, Free Trade and Alliance

  • Cybelle (aka Cymnea, former Queen of Amber)

VERY RESPECTABLE: Very good relations with the Courts of Chaos

  • Nephythis or Nephthys
  • Nyx – Queendom of Nyktelios

RESPECTABLE – open relations with the Courts of Chaos

  • Hecate
  • Hecuba
  • Nemesis

DUBIOUSLY RESPECTABLE – open relations with the Courts of Chaos but viewed with suspicion

  • Lilith

TOLERATED: has relations with the Courts of Chaos

  • Cailleach (aka – Bheur, Mab) – Queendom of Gwyllion
  • Pele – Full Title Tutu or Madame Pele – Queendom of Kilauea

NOT CONSIDERED RESPECTABLE – restricted or bare relations with the Courts of Chaos

  • Baba Yaga – Queendom of Zamoryshek

NOT EVEN REMOTELY RESPECTABLE – no relations with the Courts of Chaos

  • Ereshkigal – Queendom of Kur of the Seven
  • Itzpapalotl – Queendom of Tamoanchan


  • Kali – banned personally, although her minions may still be able to access the continuum

Kali, Itzpapalotl and Ereshkigal are currently engaged in a three way war with each other. Solstice is one of the desired prizes in their war.

There are rumours of an additional Abyss Queendom but it is unclear if its is recognized by the others. There is a commonality of a blue gem or semi precious crystal. Some names are Larimar, Lapis, Tanzanite, Sapphire, Iolite, Sodalite, Azurite, Benitoite.