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Rambault and Matthew

(Thanks to Paul Schaefer)

Kaboom indeed… MatthewRambaultTank

Geran eats Out

At a place recommended by Matthew. GeranMatthew

Way to Catch A Channicut

Or so it seemed recently in Deep Shadow…Matthew and Dave take a stroll.


Domestic Bliss (???) Rambault

All those LITTLE things after one is wed, sigh. The Honeymoon is over?


Real Day Job Revealed: Claudia Jesby


Dave is Remembered on Fat-her’s Day

His kids are SO thoughtful! DaveTee

How Matthew Suppliments His Allowance

Replayed on many beaches across the shadows…MatthewBeach

Just Another Day in Welksham

Or why Geran went to Brandenburg AGAIN GeranCouch

Tribute to Bart

Who often makes his presence known at least once on Saturday night… Bartimus

The Real Reason They Shut Down the NW Wing Food…

It had Dutch Elm Disease… VeggieBBQ

Geran at the Clinic

Mighty STRANGE “rash” there… Gerangreen

Lately in Amber….


Why You Don’t Loan $$$$$ to a Channicut


Matthew Gets A CLUE

Dave is rethinking going Geo-caching with Matthew… MatthewClue

Matthew Christmas Shopping

Aww, doing the early pre-BlackFriday sales and beating the RUSH… MatthewShopping

The Princes of Amber at Play

What the Princes of Amber that are members of the “NW Lounge Buffet Club” get up to on Saturday nights… PoAatPlay

To All On Their Way to ACNW

May You Have a Safe and Smooth Trip, both going to ACNW and on the way home too! ACNW

Seen Recently on Mount Kolvir

Maude having some fun in the recent snows… Maude

The REAL Scoop About Martin

You just Have To feel sorry for Rebma, if this is what sits on the throne until a good decent DAUGHTER can take charge! Martin

Recently Seen ON the Salad Bar at the Amber Castle Buffet

There’s a REASON that there are rumors about the Family Buffet….








How the Palace Staff sees the Patio Buffets

All names hidden to protect the innocent. Castlebuffet

Something That Happened in Shadow

Or a good thing to blame that little rear-punting on… Nightmare

Geran At Home

Nuff said… GeranAtHome

Fiona Having A BAD Day

And you wonder why she has trouble keeping good help? FionaBadDay

Secret Intel…Or What Happened Last Time Brand Woke UP (he went to have an interlude with Fiona)..the Morning After


News From the Front

Give’m HAIL boys and girls! [blue flaming basketball sized!] Rumpel

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