Belize Academy or Gibralter (The Rock)

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There are three levels and aspects.

Put in an old chunk of the former South American country of Brazil in the upper area, it gets away from the Ring of Fire, yet if something happens the fallout cone would fall perhaps towards the Pacific Ocean.

Ages handled are as young as 8, depending on talent and need. Most junior cadets are 14-18, most senior cadets 18-22, and ‘fellows’ 22-28. It handles magic and military training, plus certain selected graduate pursuits. Miltary has four branches, land, sea, air and space. This is also where the Skyhook is, to send most things to space. Belize is a spacefaring world now. There are colonies, settlements and member systems now. Rumor is they would like to do a Ringworld if not a Dyson Sphere.

8-14 students are usually there for magic, then may stay to go for more magic and/or branch out into another discipline.

Officer and specialist material usually start at 14, complete curriculum to 18, then specialize and take another 4 to 10 years. It is called ‘Gibralter’ though that place isn’t around, and a lot call it The Rock.

You have to be appointed or ‘referred’ to the Academy. If you are sent, your expenses are paid.

Magic averages 10 to 16 years. Military 4 to 10. Magic mixed with something else or Space or Medicine will run at least 10 years usually 14.

They take all sexes and races. Non Belize system people, has yet to have someone be referred.