Father: Dalt ……………………….. Prince of Brandenberg
Mother: Prudence Rexford
Age – 18
Height – 6’1”
Weight – 200 lbs
Eye colour – Light blue
Hair – golden blond touch of red, some curls
Body type – muscular

The preverbal Limburg baby, Royce wore diapers when people who he would eventually call friends found him. The family Limburg pronounced their baby stolen and a huge manhunt began. It fact the Limburg’s worked fro their lord and master, Mandor of Thelbane. Their task consisted of controlling the child’s growth while their lord preforms perverse tests. The reincarnation of Erik, son of Geran, the Asgard god Baldr, Mandor fears him because of ancient prophecy.

Taken in by his father, Royce enjoyed a fine upbringing. Fear of Mandor prompted the use of fast time. An attack by minions of Mandor brought Royce out of his shell and into the arms of Brandenberg.  He appears not to be impressed with Amber.




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