Other Continua

In the course of play, it has become apparent that a number of Other Continua exist in the Abyss, along with Solstice itself. These vary in prominence in terms of the Solstice Game. Reaching them is usually by Ix’s Stair, or through travelling the long way through the Abyss. Details on a selection of them can be found below.


Home of Dark Oberon, Dark Brand and the rest of that merry crew of troublemakers. When first encountered, Dark Brand was the ascendent member of the family. He had established some kind of “Super Pattern” in Amber, where he ruled, styling himself King of Amber, Führer in German, Kaiser of the Geld Circle and ReichsKanzler of Amber. However, Dark Oberon was still lurking in the background, having survived longer than his Solstice counterpart by virtue of succeeding with the “Marcus Project”, and he decided to bring the Brandamberg project to a swift and sudden end. Through ritual and other means, he raised incredible power and used like an axe to directly strike the Brandamberg Pattern. This was wrecked and bisecting, before being sent flying to part or parts unknown. Once that had been done, Dark Oberon turned his attention to other continua, which he believes he has a right to rule.

At this time, Dark Brand is in hiding, but is likely to be plotting his revenge.

More details on Fatherland can be found here.


Originally Created by Theodosius the Clever, Stillwater falls somewhere between a highly evolved rock and a full continuum. It does not have or Pattern/Logrus equivalent, or attached Shadows, although it does have a unique Power of its own. It has the look and feel of a town in Minnesota.

More details on Stillwater can be found here.


The continuum of the original Equinox Game.


Originally, these were part of the Equinox Continuum, but as time has passed, they’ve split away and it now form their own major continuum. There is a bridge between Solstice and Aurellis, built by Pater Deorum Roland of Aurellis and Emperor Lucius of Ultima Terra. This is heavily guarded.

More details on Sable and Aurellis can be found here and here.

Leo Rubricatus

Leo Rubricatus or “Red Lion” appears to have come into being as part of the Solstice Contiuum, but as time has past, it seems to have become seperated, much like Sable-Aurellis has from Equinox. Leo Rubricatus still has many familiar faces compared to Solstice, but the history is very different and rather shorter. One notable difference is that Thelbane is more prominent on LR, and the number of descendents of Oberon is significantly smaller.

More details on Leo Rubricatus can be found here.

The Beaches

While these aren’t full continua, they are individual Rocks in the Abyss, which makes the definition a little fuzzy. The most well known are Cocoa Beach, Titusville, Vero Beach and Jupiter Beach.