Personal Realms

Certain of the Aesir, Vanir, or other powerful creatures have carved out or been granted fiefdoms of their own within the Asgardian sphere.  In most cases, these lands are acknowledged and blessed by the local regents and the King.  In some cases, the opposite is true, but the cost of evicting the tyrant lord(s) is simply too high.

    • Forsetiheim – Malcolm
      Somewhere in the vicinity of the old site of Forseti’s hall of Glitnir. It seems to be oriented towards Vanaheim and somewhat angled towards Muspelheim. It is a much fairer land than the snowy near artic climate that seems prevalent near the old hall. It is said to be warmer and lusher than the hall region, with strange animals, odd plants, some people, and warm climate crops. Also there is some volcanic activity but it is mild, a few fissure volcanos that emit pahoehoe lava, and lots of geothermal activity. Overall it is said to be lushly green and verdant. It is the local ecology that one must be wary of as a large number of the plants, animals and other creatures are very poisonous. They seem a little metal poor but various items of bone, wood, stone, and glass have been showing up at markets in mainstream areas (such has Hrafnborg) as well as some rare and exotic warm crop foods. Those that venture in usually are not heard from again. Jesbys have been known to try to sneak in or get someone to do so for them, and so far none have been successful in coming back out…
    • <Name TBD> – Royce
    • <Name TBD> – Will
    • Skínaborg – Gullveig
      Gullveig’s personal realm is in the borderland Shadows bordering both Nidavellir and Muspelheim, a place of constant conflict, of broken fortresses with moats of lava. It is thought that one day, at the ends of time, all the castles of Skínaborg will be finished and will gleam brighter than the Halls of Forseti, but in the meantime an army of one realm or another tends to show up and tear down the walls. The stones are rich with veins of gold, but it is forever tarnished by the unsufferable heat of the realm, the smoke and soot. Nonetheless, it is still fought over by raiders from nearby clans who wish to turn the ore into fine works for the halls of Asgard or lucrative markets beyond. Gullveig is too immersed in her own accumulation of riches to worry too much about restoring order, but if any raiders venture too close to the seat of her power she has no qualms about destroying them utterly. Skínaborg is peopled mainly with demons or giants seeking to escape from Surtr and small groups of humans who inhabit the few castles that are still defensible, including Gullveig’s hall. Its borders are fluid, depending on the relative strength of its neighbours and the willingness of its patron to defend it. Generally it is thought of as a very dangerous place which you would not venture to willingly.
    • Terrislund – “Hvað fer Undir”, the Wyrm of Svartalfheim

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