Aspasia Channicut

Aspasia S


Age 18
Height 172 CM (5’8)
Weight 52.1 KG (115 pounds)
Hair Golden blond
Hair Style Depends on her mood
Eyes Amber brown
Body Type Lean, athletic


Titles, Honours

  •   Princess of Nod
  •   Princess of Amber



  •   Apartment at Nod Palace
  •   Manor House in Amber City



Personal History

Newly arrived in Amber, Aspasia first heard commented was, “Quaint.”

The  daughter of Crown Prince Jericho. beloved and MOST favoured son of the great and illustrious Grand Duke Tubble and his stunning beautiful wife Crown Princess Clarabelle she was delighted to find her brother Sheridan was there to greet her. Accompanied by her Athena, a sapphire blue mini-dragon, she is determined to explore quaint wilds of barbarian Amber.


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