Festival of Wine and Roses to be the Best One Yet!

His Most Royal and Imperial Majesty,  by the Grace of the Most Holy Blood and the Holy Unicorn, Bleys, King of Amber, Emperor of the Golden Circle, Lord of Kolvir, Lord of Avernus, Head of the Church of Amber of the Unicorn Faith in the Amblerash Creed, Head of the Ancient House of Kolvir, Head of the House of the Amber Barrimans, Protector of the South, Ardenicus brings greetings.
You are invited to the Festival of Wine and Roses which celebrates the King and the Land as one in Amber City. This gala festival scheduled for next week promises to have street festivals, actors, artists, fantastic public banquets and wine flowing from every fountain in Amber’s capital. There will be a show of the sights of Golden Circle Pavilions with exotics creatures,  new science and technology, poetry, music, arcane sorcery shows and so much more the celebrate the renaissance of Amber and its monarchy and the grandeur and splendour of the realm.
This will cumulates in the Grand Ball of the Festival of Wine and Roses which will be graced with the Crowned Heads of Creation with a lavish occasion that has never been seen. New development of fireworks and light shows by magicians and alchemists will add wonder and spectacular moments to be remembered for living memory.
There is going to be a daylong parade with floats showing many of the territories of Amber, its dependent monarchs in the Golden Circle with untold riches in tribute, wonders for trade and commerce and a sign that a New Golden Age is dawning.  There will be poetry and prophecy of this new golden age by the Bard Caxophonics who will tell everyone of the wonders of Amber and its elegant and wondrous King Emperor. There will be a poetry contest, a music contest, arms and arrows contests with splendid prizes.

There will be a musical concert to celebrate the King and his Realm and its people with celebrity musicians across Amber and the Golden CIrcle.
May the Holy Unicorn Save the King!

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