Antilla (aka E1)

The flag of Antilla
The flag of Antilla

Antilla or Earth One/ E1 – Home Primal “Rock” Shadow of Matthew


The 26 governments that compose the E1/Antilla planet are fairly liberal democratic in most practices with mild social programs. Different regions may vary. The year and tech level are 2016. Some have Matthew as direct monarch while others may have local monarchs who acknowledge Matthew as High King. Republics do not exist.

Matthew stubbornly resists One World government and has been strongly committed to the Nation State inside E1. Considered one of the most decentralized administrations of High Blood Kingdoms.

Local Government and Politics

Antilla palace hot tub
Antilla Palace Pool – Reputedly scene of more treaties being made than the Foreign Ministry

1 British North America – Capital – Royal District of Washington – Matthew Rex Governor General – C. Powell (Conservative Party), Prime Minister – W. J. Clinton (Liberal Party) – House of Commons and Senate and King form Parliament 2 Great Britain – House of Saxe Coburg Gotha, Prime Minister Countess Thatcher (Conservative) 3 British Empire of India and Africa – Matthew – capital Delhi 4 Kingdom of Spain (and colonies)- House of Bourbon/Hapsburg 5 Kingdom of Portugal (and colonies)- House of Braganza 6 Kingdom of Italy (and colonies) – House of Savoy 7 Kingdom of Austria Hungary – House of Hapsburg Lorraine 8 Holy Roman Empire – Matthew

Antilla Palace Main Pool 2
Another one of the 26 pools in Antilla Palace

9 French Kingdom (and colonies) 10 Empire of Byzantium – Arabia,  Balkans and Middle East – Matthew 11 Empire of China – Local Dynasty 12 Empire of Japan – Traditional Dynasty 13 Kingdom of Thailand 14 Kingdom of Australia – Matthew 15 Kingdom of New Zealand – Matthew 16 Kingdom of Netherlands (and colonies) – House of Orange 17 Kingdom of Belgium (and colonies) – House of Saxe Coburg Gotha 18 Kingdom of Norway – House of Holstein 19 Kingdom of Sweden and Finland – House of Vasa 20 Kingdom of Denmark and Iceland – House of Holstein 21 Empire of Persia – House of Qajar 22 Empire of Ethiopia – Solomon House 23 Principality of Liechtenstein – House of Vaduz 24 Principality of Monaco – Traditional House 25 Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – Traditional House 26 Home Island of Antilla – Matthew

Antilla Central Government

One of the Cabinet Rooms in Antilla Palace, Antilla Island

The Antilla Central Government follows a minimalist approach. It has a small Interior Ministry and it has a Dispute Resolution Court to settle internal disputes.

The Foreign Ministry and Foreign Trade Ministry controls all Foreign Relations outside of Earth One -This is a strictly guarded prerogative. Embassies outside of Earth liaise to this central point.

Ministry of Security – Co-ordinates the separate intelligence services and foreign intelligence gathering. Hobbled by Matthew’s obsession for civil liberties it has to find creative ways to gather information. It has carte blanche outside of Earth One.

Matthew card
Matthew’s Trump

Ministry of War and the Admiralty of Earth One – Co-ordinates local militaries and works with the Antilla Empire Railwaylands military. There seems to be many different militaries under this umbrella. Mainly works for co-ordination. The sub ministry of the Antilla Island Military and Empire Military is the real arm of the ministry. Antilla has the second largest fleet of the Earth Zone in terms of 1900-2020 technology in shadow. The first being Brandenberg and the presume third largest could be Ultima Terra followed by Parys. There is a very large tank collection of American, British and German style armour. Laws follow a localized approach with a protection of civil rights and liberties. Liberty and individual freedoms are the supreme fundamental. Liberty, Order and Good Government is the informal motto.

Matthew was here

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is a 1111 foot amethyst crystal obelisk located in Port Matthew.

The Ministry of War and the Admiralty is located in a 1111 foot pure quartz crystal obelisk in Port Matthew.

The Security Ministry is a pyramid style building made of blue lapis that stands 999 feet tall also in Port Matthew.

The strange primal shape has given the conspiracy theory crowd much to chatter about. When asked, the central government Information Ministry  says that it to beautiful the city. It is a nice contrast to the neo-gothic and neo-classical architecture that is strongly favoured by the High King.


Antilla Island

There is a small de-centralized government based in Port Matthew, Antilla Island (a tropical large island in the mid Atlantic that does not exist in Ancient Earth but it did in legend) – it connects by ferry to Antilla Station which is the main hub of the in/famous Antilla Railway. The central government focuses on external affairs and foreign trade, security, the Railwaylands, and external military. The Royal Palace is Antilla Palace near Port Matthew.

Corner of the Massive Antilla Palace Complex. Primary Residence of King Matthew of Antilla/E1

Located on the equatorial large island in the central tropical Atlantic Ocean south of the Azores by 500+ miles, Antilla Island is an independent absolute monarchy in E1 and gives its name to the political federation of 26 Kingdoms that have free autonomy.  Port Matthew is the capital nearby Antilla Palace. Port Matthew is also the link to Antilla Station which is the main hub outside of E1 for the Antilla Railway Empire.

Port Matthew

In an attempt to have the administrative centre of E1/Antilla/Antilla Railway Empire centralized, Foreign Minister Lord Duane has been working to build a highly desirable district of Port Matthew near the Straits of Dworkin that separates the shadow of E1 from Port Matthew to Antilla Station.


Situated in the nice hilly section of “New Belgravia” or “Duanestown”, there are already the four ‘Cornerstone Embassies of Brandenberg, Parys, Chaos and Antilla. There are also Embassies for Ultima Terra, Lambeth, Nod-New Vegas, Outer World Empire and other locations. Most embassies are about 10 acres of land. There are two regiments on each side to provide emergency security along with two police detachments and two fire departments. There is the Queen Elizabeth Channicut Hospital nearby.  Ocean front property is not available.  There is a private diplomat dock and small airport and trump/teleport/gate landing zone at the airport as well. A dedicated line from the Embassy district exists in monorail between the Foreign Ministry and the


Port Matthew has a large passenger terminal that links by ferry to the train stations in Antilla Station. The small city is dominated by the giant two quartz and amethyst obelisks where the officers of the Foreign Ministry and War/Admiralty are hosted.  Outside the city along a well guarded small lake is Antilla Palace. There is a private  monorail from the two obelisks to Antilla Palace.

Antilla Palace

Antila Palace Reception Room
Reception Room in Antilla Palace

The principal resident of Matthew and Government Seat of the Railway Empire, Antilla Island and the High Kingdom of Earth One is located at Antilla Palace just outside of Port Matthew.

The palace is noted for its massive size with increases when certain other relatives increase the size of their palaces. It is known for its 26 pools and 52 hot tubs. It is also known for its multiple palaces on the same complex with massive libraries and archives.

Antilla palace colonial pool
Another Matthew pool – Colonial Style

There are museums of souvenirs from across Creation. Antilla Palace collection is protected by strong laws preventing repatriation, similar to, and stronger than the British Museum Act but are recognized as personal property of Matthew. Some opponents of Matthew call him a looter and a colonialist.  Conspiracy theorists attribute many phenomena to Antilla Palace comparing it to mystical sites like Stonehenge, Great Pyramids, Brocken Mountain.

There are slurpee machines visible.

Antilla Palace is known for its sprawling size, thousands of rooms, rumours of a broken pattern or warpie in the basement but also due to 26 pools and 52 hot tubs. A couple are reputedly to be able to be filled with wine.


There is some magic but it is dominated by the powerful magical societies that surround the King. It is considered more of a gentleman’s club. Other magical groups are discouraged though they do exist unless they become a danger. Magical studies tend to come out of universities which are bastions of conservatism fraternities, old boys networks and stuffy old bow tied intellectuals. Powers do exist as do trump. Rumours exist of a hidden unfinished pattern in several locations.

The Antilla Railway Company /Antilla Railwaylands Empire

The ARC has been building a cross-Shadow railway, with the intention of joining every major hub of Creation together in a single system. This enterprise has met with differing opinions: some members of the Family have been willing to embrace it whole-heartedly; others with reservations; and some consider it a significant threat and danger. Each Railway Line is owned by a Sub-company and different legalities. However the shadow land is consolidated by an Imperial Government. The capital is across the shadow strait between Earth One and the Shadow next door. Antilla Station has been the name of the Imperial Capital. Rumour had it Matthew consolidated the shadow lands and its massive settlement because he needed an excuse for an Imperial Crown to keep up with the Imperial title of his brother Lucius, Emperor of Ultima Terra. There are controversies over the alien rights abuses during the construction process. Amnesty Inter-creation has launched many different complaints.

As the Antilla Railway grows and has hundreds of shadows settled by hand picked or reputedly created designer populations, its influence and power extends. Despite this, the Antilla Railway is still the number on shadow based land transportation systems.

Antilla Station (City)

Antilla Station was originally founded as the terminal of the Antilla Railway located across the Strait and a shadow away from Port Matthew on Antilla or E1 (proper). As the lines from each territory ended at Port Matthew it became a major transfer point. This was enhanced by the Jorrah Doctrine that made the Parys-Antilla Railway conditional upon the station being a mile away from the main station. This is because Queen Jorrah (Princess Dauphine at the time) threatened to torpedo the deal unless there was a mile between any track that led to Ultima Terra (ruled by her half brother Lucius) and Parys.

Antilla Station is the de facto headquarters of the Antilla Railway and capital for the Antilla Railway Empire. It is, unlike the countryside,  a polyglot hodgepodge of different people and languages. Millions travel through the city every day while it has a permanent population of  at least 15 million. Antilla Station has a very good security and the streets are patrolled by police and German Shepherds regularly.

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