Rowan Cushing-Helgram

Rowan Margitte Cushing

Born on Midsummer Day, Rowan Margitte is the daughter of Ian Cushing and Marina Acker. She is a full sister to Artur Acker, has a twin brother called Linden, and also has a younger brother named Thomas.

Rowan decided to follow her father into the legal profession, specialising in international law and jurisprudence. Her politics and ideology are far closer to her father than her mother. She spent a while on the world of Dominion, working as a lawyer for the British Government, with the potential to become Attorney General at some point in the future.

She doesn’t get on that well with her brother Artur, as their politics are too far apart.

Religion: Celtic Pagan with a side of Roman Catholic.

Known abilities

She has walked the Amber Pattern, and is believe to be better than average with it.

She is an excellent rider, had has competed in international equestrian competitions on 1997 Earth and elsewhere.

She also has degrees in physics, astrophysics and aerodymanics

Her card is in the family Trump deck.

Known residences

“Because sometimes, the best man for the job is a woman.”

She is one of the co-Principles of Liechtenstein on 1997 Earth.