Patrick decided the best way to handle his teenagers was to give them a well protected shadow outside Belize but within rock throwing distance. Ryan Bleys was given Ptarmagen…  one of what might be considered the ‘golden circle’ for Belize. The Topaz Circle, actually.

It is a moderately temperate world, with some tropics and some artic. It has more land area than Belize, approaching that of Old Earth. Large swaths are still unexplored and unsettled, a few large and urban settlements are mostly near the coasts and show about 2500 AD technology. Some of the rural and fairly wild areas may throw back to 1100-1600 AD. Prince Ryan is ruler in a regency with a trio of wise, educated and trusted people at the helm. They expect their young king to ascend to his full powers at 25. Population is under two billion. This world has serious protections in the borders and someone tripping the guards and wards will bring Patrick.

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