The Circle, Neolympus

The 12 shadow worlds that circle the shadow of Lambeth, have at least been charted.

Get the Idea?

Hades- the prison dimension.

It seems to be a sentient dimension that hates everyone but Isaac and tolerates people Isaac likes.

So as soon as Isaac dumps someone he hates there, they’re under chronic attack. There is no place you can hide. There is no bargaining with what’s there. You’re in for a rough one if Isaac is in a bad mood about you when you get the one way ticket.

A combination of Gehenna and the other planes rolled into one.

You might, just MIGHT get out of here, it is a good place to hide someone if Isaac wishes instead of torturing them. It won’t be the most pleasant, but.

Anyone going in there on a rescue/spring them mission is going to be a fool, because the place will take that as You Are Numero Uno on Isaac’s S*** List. Be warned.


Ty’iga are non-corporal spirits…

Hermes–  advanced utopian society, but there’s a trick. People are half Ty’Iga.

Bodies that are “uninhabited” roam about with an IQ of about fifty, and are able to do certain basic tasks and chores. ‘Academies’ keep these people cared for, productive, and controlled.

The long-lived Ty’Iga spirits use bodies like some society’s residents use cars, and may go through many in a lifetime.

Selection is done to keep the quality of the stock up, and nobody can say for sure exactly what the population is, Ty’Iga to non-Ty’Igan ratio is unknown.

So Isaac has a planet full of Ty’Iga to call on. Access to this place is pretty well controlled, for obvious reasons.



Hephaestus for technology.


Think Morlocks and Trolls (see images)

…with advanced engineering, programming and manufacturing skills.

They don’t take kindly to strangers without the proper credentials, like Isaac escorting someone personally.

Tresspassers may be eaten, actually. Both races are known for such things in their past, don’t push it on if they are reformed/vegans these days.

Hera– a mercantile world, much like Nod or New Vegas.

Ares, Poseidon and Artemis for military resources – ground, sea and air/space.

There are three races of Poseidon. As in 1984, alliances shift back and forth for 2 against 1. As much as they may dislike and distrust each other, they all have fanatical support of Isaac.

The first race is the Frogs. Your call if they speak with a French accent, but they are humanoid frogs. Of the Amphibian races, they can remain under water longest.

The second race is the Lions. Think of aborigines, but instead of dark skin they have seal or sea lion skins. They combine the ability to survive on land in a range of climates with a ferocious swimming ability.

The third race is baseline humans. They’re mostly Viking stock, which is the most ferocious seagoing group of humans I’m aware of.

Of course, this doesn’t count giant birds of prey and sea monsters that keep everyone on their toes.

All three races favor sharp-edged weaponry, including blowpipes, arrows, etc. Doesn’t matter how tough the scales are if you can get something sharp between them or into an eye.

Sorcery exists, although spells are aimed at weather control or divination or water elemental spells. It’s familiar enough that everyone’s prepared for it, rare enough that no one relies on it.

 Zeus– Eternal thunderstorms and Earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.  where Isaac would dump something he really wants destroyed. This the true dump shadow for people on Isaac’s short list.

Not quite what you expect
Someone trying to sneak in…

Minerva – a world of archangels, recreating the world destroyed by Bleys and Lucius as much as possible.

Isaac named it after the love of his life.

Emily, one of Isaac’s “wives” is definitely at home here.

It is seriously beautiful. Quite utopian. If you try to get in, however, you may be held for a tribunal. It depends on your intent upon entering, and BOY do they know what you might get up to.

Also, if you want in, best to go to the front door and present yourself properly. Sneak ins are automatically suspect. You do not have to dress for the part-if you’re not an angel don’t try to pass yourself off as one. Seriously.



Lepus Sapien

Demeter– all rain forests and farmland.

Felis Sapien

All variations on lush greenery. Forests range from Rain to Sherwood.

The local native civilization ranges from agrarian societies to tribes out of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The major species are humanoid rabbits and felines.

Think of Thundercats without the pyrotechnics. They’re organized like Incas, Aztecs or Mayans