Envoy’s Guide


As an Envoy of Tiereth, you speak with our lord’s voice.  You may bind us all to treaties and obligations.  Your behavior reflects on us all.  Much is expected of you.

We would not see you go unassisted.

This Envoy’s Guide contains all that we know, think, and suspect about the realms you may encounter.  It is assembled from the best material we know.  Use it to give you a way in the known and unknown places.  And yet – be aware that it may be incomplete.  It may be wrong.  The duty falls to you to take faithful notice of all that you witness, and bring your notes back to Holywell, that those who follow you may be better prepared.

One comment

  1. Hey Envoy! This is Alexander, CoKing of Badovia. My twin brother Phillip and I want to invite you to visit beautiful Badovia!
    Our land is really cool and if you are high blooded, even better!
    We have great bars, fast freeways with beautiful girls.
    Don’t waste yourself in going to dumps like Welksham where they arrest you without doing anything bad. Nod is a borrrrrring place that overcharges.
    Plus you come to a land that is run right by us – Alexander and Phillip.
    (This message is endorsed by the Tourist Bureau of Badovia who say that Alexander and Phillip are really awesome!)

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