Patrick Munson-Helgram

When he first arrived
When he first arrived

Whether it was a wild fling, booze induced or sneakiness on one or both parts, Patrick Munson contains red hair in both bloodlines…. his hair is bleeding blood red and he appears to be low to mid 20’s. Son of Bleys Helgram, current King of Amber (who has recognized him) and Queen Jasra of Brandenburg. He is respectful to his stepmother Elizabeth Channicut-Helgram, Queen of Amber, and stepfather King Brand of Amber. Brand pretty much ignores him and Patrick tries to keep it that way.

He resisted for quite a while about working for Dad, did passibly well with his first appointment as Treasurer (except the incident with Wendell, he did increase legal revenue for the Crown, shortly after that run-in with Wendell, Bleys gave him a different appointment) and cratered badly AFTER he asked Bleys to quit on the second one after crossing wires with Prince Gerard at his first cabinet meeting. (he went to see Bleys, asked to quit, went to the meeting and Gerard resigned- so Bleys accepted Patrick’s resignation (Chancellor, given to Rambault). He has left the Amber Cabinet and a direct governmental appointment from the King, and instead is pursuing his business interests, family, titular duties and obligations for the Amber Crown, and the world of Belize (the former Saigon 1975). Bleys seems to be content leaving Patrick alone for the moment–Patrick works and is supporting himself and family independently.

Height: about 6’5″ in bare feet.

Weight: middle 200’s guess is about 265.

Hair: bleeding blood red. If he has a cut that’s bleeding you have to notice the matting of hair or touch it.

Eyes: Green. Must be from Jasra’s side.

Prince of Amber

Prince of Helgram

King of Belize  (also rumored to be the yellow/golden chakra world, aka the golden topaz world)

Grand Duke of Texas Island in the Unicorn Islands

Baron of  ? (can’t find in notes, the obligatory barony in Amber)


Patrick is a fairly powerfully built young fellow now, having stepped off for some training somewhere. He started as a good barroom brawler and carried a bat full of nails, also pretty deadly with a metal folding chair; now he is a fairly well disciplined martial artist. He seems to have a slight streak of mean at times, he has little qualms in killing an opponent. If others in his group say no, he will not, otherwise he takes out the trash. He is very strong and very fast, and has not hesitated to step into battle against magic or weaponry. He does carry a magicked k-bar that can emit green lightning.

Before making it to Amber, Patrick had done a stint in the service, turned into a mechanic, and went in with two other guys he knew to do custom rods and bikes. It turned out one of the partners was siphoning most of the money off the shop. Anyways, Patrick was about to hop in his car and take off for a little Friday Night Entertainment after work and two goons waylaid him out back. He woke up trussed up, and Nestor and a few of his friends found him ready for ritual fodder and Nestor sold/ahem/ransomed him to (? Bleys). He later went back, stole Frankie’s safe contents, his car, his girl, and the dog. And deeded the rest of the shop to Eddie, the other partner.

Investments and Businesses

Munson’s Metals and Minerals

In the gold jewelry room
In the gold jewelry room

Internal Combustion Engines don’t work in Amber so Patrick went off for schooling and returned, bought an entire city block with a large building on it and remodeled it. He began to deal in metals, gems, and jewelry. As he said, you have 400 old Erican gold coins, bring them in. He’ll cast them into a new set of candelabras, etc. He often goes off on adventures and brings the swag back to be divided, some trading for more compact wealth or  trading coins for bars.  His assay and weights are verified with the Amber Treasury, he is an honest merchant.  His melt and cast, and storage, is somewhere below street it is believed, main floor some of it has the finer manufacturing  tools, and up the stairs into that little warren of rooms is where the gems and jewels and fine jewelry are dealt. Patrick is a fully trained jeweler and gemologist and can do on the spot appraisals. He keeps a large stock of premade items that are for sale or trade. He deals in almost every metal out there, but doesn’t guarantee he has stuff like Red Metal in stock at any one time. One can deposit metals and gems with him for later. (The Twins tried to smear him over the removal of their disguised antiquities altar that was stealing energy from Lambeth after being told to do so by King Isaac of Lambeth, and showed pictures of a modern electric powered smelter and foundry setup. Patrick pointed out that his smelting and foundry works were IN Amber so the images were bogus)


Millie’s Diner

Chilidogs fairly plain
Chilidogs fairly plain
Some of the offerings at Millies
Some of the offerings at Millies

Part of the first floor is installed a sort of combo between a 60’s lunchroom and diner called Millie’s Diner. Their trademark foods are good hotdogs with loads of toppings, Po’boys on hoagies, burgers (sometimes the really large loosemeat ones), and pizza. They also have other things on menu, some things they can make up if you ask (they will stoop to poutine and do a fair job of it); and usually have a couple of fairly good daily specials.  Then there’s Chili. Not just ANY chili, but Flo’s Chili. Patrick met Florence Jean Castleberry when his group including Isaac happened upon Mel’s diner once. She knew how to make Mel’s chili. Patrick adores it and Isaac will partake if he can get some. They do have you can get a jar to go.  Recently when Patrick tried to buy the Black Rabbit and Wendell took everything sideways, business increased at Millie’s (as in it wasn’t full of Helgrams) so they made it larger and added an express coffee counter at the sidewalk.  Two sides of the building are open, there are support pillars that the place just does around and all the side walk ones have three sides with table so you can see and be seen. Most of the furniture is reinforced concrete and permanently placed. It is meant to stand a family level exercise session with minimal damage. It has a pretty fair wine, beer and booze selection.

Smothered Hotdog
Smothered Hotdog

Only thing that gripes the royals is you have to take a tray, a bundled pack of silverware with napkin and shove your tray down the rail to choose your food. Some is reach and help yourself, some is dished up as you ask for it. Then make the turn and get to the register. You are also expected to put your tray in the slotwall when done. If a sentient such as Draco Michael visits, someone will be dispatched to help him with his tray and carry it to his chosen seat. Someone will also collect it after.  There are two non-human fairly well trained ogre or ogre crosses, huge brutes, that can be sent out as security or bouncers. Permits were applied for and the Lord Mayor’s office approved.

They do know real coffees and can make Starbucks style caffeine drinks. They do not make everyone suffer with pumpkin spice or everything peppermint seasonally and they don’t make highly fancy coffees, though they do have some really good blends including Kona and the really high caffeine stuff. Specialty coffee is available at the start of the line at the food rail or just step up outside to the exterior to the street coffee only express counter. As the turn is made and at the beverage area, is the industrial coffee urn stuff that is pretty fair and available all the time.

The Filecabinet, Antilla Station

Interior of The File Cabinet
Interior of The Filecabinet

Visiting Antilla Station and a small place used to UT officials and military, several family members happened upon the place, and the staff ended up abandoning the place.

Patrick purchased it to smooth out some of the problems and left it with a manager installed. He checks on it periodically.

It has not changed format, just owners.

Simple plain fare and a few wines, beers, ales, and a few liquors like whiskey, brandy, rum. Simple mixed drinks only. Place hasn’t changed in years and that’s the way the clientele likes it. Manager is local.

Denny’s Franchise, Port Royale

Denny's Restaurant
Denny’s Restaurant
Black Jello (2 grape 1 lime)
Black Jello (2 grape 1 lime)

A very wild party session instigated by Prince Fabian, it was a rather extended one including his magical party bus full of Drag Queens, putting underwear on the Palace Gate and raiding a Denny’s for late and drunken gnoshing. The party had gone from the Beach past the Palace then off for food. With bare hairy bums being pressed-ham from inside the restaurant and more… Patrick decided the best option was to buy out the franchise store and pay for massive remodeling and installing a good manager that can handle having drunken Family show up to party outrageously enough that while still on the beach and the stop at the gates, all the shades and shutters were pulled and closed on that side of the castle. Everyone went to sleep it off except Patrick, this is where Mandor nabbed him after leaving the restaurant and made him into part of a warhead and packed him in black jello. Patrick still says with a fond expression, it was a helluva party… and he’s grateful he didn’t get launched, also. It’s reported he still eats jello…


Dolores Madison
Dolores Madison

Dolores Madison (Freddie’s girl) spent some time in Amber City in Patrick’s penthouse suite above his shop until they had one too many falling-outs and Dara masqueraded as Dolores and produced the twins, Lenny (Leonard) and Larry (Lawrence). That seems to have pretty much sent that relationship to the great flush… on both sides.

Isaac acquired Dolores and Patrick doesn’t seem the least disturbed about that development. He even told Isaac so. The relationship ended, and both moved on from there. If Isaac wanted her, and she wanted to go, that was no problem for Patrick at all. He wished her the best of luck.

She seems happy enough in her new situation, and appears to be treated well. Patrick forwarded her wardrobe and possessions (jewelry, furs, cosmetics, vanity table and other assorted things) after she surfaced at Isaac’s–she had stalked out after one last “discussion” with Patrick one evening and he didn’t see or hear from her for a week or so.

He also sent the dog, Cujo, a sort of light tan colored 15# dog with dubious parentage and claimed to be a Labradoodle which it certainly doesn’t act like or really resemble all that closely. Whatever, Dolores thought the world of that somewhat sorta little yap yap, so they were a package deal. Patrick has never asked Isaac about what happened to the dog either. He moved ON.

Lenny (Lawrence) FitzMunson-Helgram
Lenny (Leonard) FitzMunson-Helgram

Lenny (Prince of Amber, Prince of Helgram, Prince of Sawall)

(Leonard Ozymandus Victor Edward FitzMunson-Helgram) is Amber’s ambassador to Parys. Bleys decided that that was a good posting for his grandson. For a while before the appointment, Lenny took a page from Isaac’s book and had Countess Sher of Symbotique and a shadow of Isaac’s Opera Winnifrey, Opera Wonnifrey, as his ladies. He dared to show up with both at a court event. They were properly quiet and demure when Lenny presented them to his Grandfather, King Bleys. Lenny sent Sher packing, on good terms, and married Opera, who bore him twins. (Blane Bleys and Marie Elizabeth). She also did the interview with Fabian, frosting Isaac’s Opera to no end. Isaac makes sure his Opera is kept separate from Lenny’s as a matter of courtesy. Lenny lives in Parys with his family and takes his job seriously. He has returned to Amber a few times, most notably at Port Royal while there was a beach event that he brought Opera to while she was carrying the twins. Picture is of when he first appeared, aged 18.

He stands about 5’4″ and is pretty heavy yet. Little Blane and Little Marie have a heavily creamed coffee complexion-fairly pale and red hair a few shades darker than their father’s. Their features do have a broader flatter nose like their mother’s. Patrick has acknowledged him as his son, and apparently so has Bleys, acknowledged his grandson. Lenny has nothing to do with his birth mother, Dara. He does not speak of his time before he turned 18 and showed up. He is Prince of Sawall because his mother Dara is Grand Duchess of Sawall.

Larry (Prince of Amber, Prince of Helgram, Prince of Sawall)

(Lawrence Draco Luther Anthony FitzMunson-Helgram) has been seen once at Port Royal. He is taller where Lenny is shorter and thinner where Lenny is heavier. Not much else is known about him. He is Prince of Sawall because his mother Dara is Grand Duchess of Sawall.

Florence Jean Castleberry (-Hendrake) (Princess of Amber, Princess of Helgram, Lady Hendrake)

Florence was a hellmaiden that didn’t like the job. She’d quit and been working at Mel’s in a close shadow when Patrick  met her.

Florence Jean (Castleberry-Hendrake) Munson-Helgram
Florence Jean (Castleberry-Hendrake) Munson-Helgram

They married after she was attacked in the penthouse condo, someone pretended to be Patrick and got fairly close to her. A very archaic and ancient Jesby poison that didn’t work properly because it was so crotting old-so she survived. The place was pretty well trashed as Flo didn’t forget her hellmaid days and it was an epic fight. They didn’t recover much of the attacker. Sadly though she miscarried from the damage and the poison. She had been taken to Queen Jasra Hospital and was transferred to Lambeth where she received care more tuned to her injuries and made a recovery while Isaac spared nothing. During her stint in ICU Patrick married her, with King Isaac of Lambeth presiding. It did shut up wags (and Wendell perhaps) speculating that it was staged to get Patrick out of his engagement. There was to be another more public and lavish wedding, Isaac offered to host it, Hillary and Flo spent much time planning and Flo was talked out of it or changed her mind (one thing mentioned was pink ‘great white’ sharks at the venue, a glass bottomed pavilion over a colorful lagoon in Lambeth). Not long after this, Patrick did have another invader whom he tossed out the 8th floor plate glass window to the cobbles below. This one seemed to be addressed to him this time, and Patrick tossed out the trash after another epic rumble. Amber City authorities never did return on exactly who was behind the attacks or why Patrick and his wife were targeted. Not even Mel of Mel’s Diner.

Flo's Famous Chili
Flo’s Famous Chili

Flo’s famous chili, Patrick eats a lot of it. She makes it for Millie’s Diner also. Isaac loves it and will eat it if he gets a chance. [going by an episode of “Alice” where it was mentioned that one ingredient was beans, setting it to be a bean bearing chili, and for the era, would most likely have been beef for the meat]. Mel apparently came up with it but Flo was the only other person that knew how to make it, and when she left she had the recipe in her head. She apparently decided to try the ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ approach, and the rest is history. Patrick would sweettalk her into handing him jars full through trump calls all the time. It is described as meaty, spicy without being flaming hot, and apparently utterly delicious if you like chili at all. Millie’s sells it by the bowl and cup, and makes their famous chilidogs with it. Flo can make a really hot version of this apparently and it’s still utterly delicious but if she did either she or Patrick are the only ones who have eaten it. She has a few houseplants of some really really hot peppers that lend credence to the rumor that she could maim people with it if she wanted to.

A pink shark (not a GW)
A pink shark (not a GW)

When Isaac and Minerva were planning their nuptuals it was suggested maybe that the two couples have a joint wedding. Nice big traditional Big White Dress full deal, times two. Minerva didn’t think that Flo could handle Fiona, or if she could it would be another epic… so Flo seems content not having her big white fat dress wedding. Either that or it was the idea of the pink great white sharks all over again. Nobody’s saying. Nobody dares ask further on this one either.

It will be seen someday if the legacy lives on and Flo gets to plan the wedding she never had for one of her daughters. Time will tell, definitely.

[<<<on the left: No that is not Flo or Fiona or even Patrick, shapeshifted after a 110 decibel discussion between Fiona and someone else. Just a regular ol’ pink shark and probably plying the waters of Lambeth… nothing like it has been reported from Belize]

Patrick and Florence have had a pair of twin daughters, Ruby Jasra and Rachel Elizabeth, fraternal girls; and a son, Ryan Bleys. All three are redheads as well, but not nearly as dark as their father or as light as their ginger mother. They have been in some faster time and the girls seem to be about 16 and Ryan, about 15. Florence had taken the twins to New Vegas for a girl’s day out shortly before their brother came along. It seems the kids have been in fast time, especially Ryan as he’s almost the age of his sisters now. All are Princesses/Princes of Amber, and Princesses/Princes of Helgram.

The Twins (Phillip and Alexander) tried asking Ruby and Rachel to let them into Belize proper. It is said Ruby put on exam gloves and gave Rachel a magnifying glass and they were going to check out some of the Twin’s ‘claims’. The Twins are reportedly laying low.

Ruby Jasra
Ruby Jasra

Ruby Jasra Munson-Helgram, in about another six or so years, left.

Rachel Elizabeth
Rachel Elizabeth

Patrick has invested in a self updating Almach de Swayville, needing it in the future perhaps. He has brought it out a few times to check the lineage of someone he’s met, and loaned it once to Isaac while they were at Antilla Station.

Rachel Elizabeth Munson-Helgram, also in about another six or so years, right.

Patrick is apparently bracing for the day they discover boys. Flo has ‘no comment’ about the whole situation and idea. If Patrick has a white crossbow and Flo has a frying pan handy, nobody is going to ask about that one either. Meanwhile the children are possibly in Belize. The girls have been seen a few times as tweens and Ryan hasn’t been seen yet out in general public. Flo took the girls to New Vegas once, to visit the theme parks and things of that sort. Like a ladies night out.

Ryan Bleys
Ryan Bleys

Also, Patrick, as most dads do, is probably bracing for the day when Ryan makes it to that age of where rebellion kicks in, and hoping his son doesn’t take after him… or Flo either by the sounds of it. Time will definitely tell.

To left, Ryan Bleys in probably another ten years, working through his anti-conforming phase. Patrick totally understands this issue, he had his share of it. What else the young man will get into, who knows.

(It’s a good thing for Patrick that Amberites usually don’t go grey unless they’re many thousands of years old….)

It’s not known if Bleys has seen his grandchildren in person yet, other than a few miniatures of them as small children, that Patrick delivered to his father after their births. Bleys certainly hasn’t called to see them or to have them brought to him or court, yet. It might not be that much longer before they will be ready to walk the Pattern…. Bleys is not known to be a visitor to Belize, either. Very few have been there especially recently.

Patrick and Flo did bring them to Matthew’s soiree at Dexter Palace but when Brand went down they were some of those that decided to leave. (along with Geren, Bryndal, and family)


Joyride In Belize
Joyride In Belize

Is the world formerly known as 1975 Saigon, where Rambault and Matthew had a great dirty tank ride and blew stuff up (and Patrick later found THE tank and gave it to Matthew, beer cans and slurpee cups and all-Matthew put it up and it has a display place of pride somewhere in Antilla-it was the first time Matthew went to war and was under actual fire in combat).

Golden Topaz
Golden Topaz

The world has had a few owners, presently Patrick has the reins and after having some Lynxies infest it and multiply like bacteria, plus a bunch that were off on relics of Glen’s sliced liver, (both got cleaned up with help of Family) and a bunch of ungoliants found and destroyed during the spelunk for the great Topaz Chakra Stone.

It has had a few catastrophies and is currently believed to be suffering from a general warming and ice cap melt that has flooded a lot of the surface. Patrick has brought in a lot of high level tech and advanced it from 1975 into possibly the 2050’s. Rumors though, it’s a little sketchy. Nobody has visited since the great Ungoliant war.

Patrick took some open space in the south of Belize and built his world capital there. It’s said that the place runs under a semi-world government and a limited constitutional monarchy. If it had a major ecological catastrophe as rumored, a united world government would be crucial for managing limited resources. A limited constitutional monarchy, means that the place takes care of it’s own day-to-day governing and doesn’t ruffle the King.

Matthewsburg, the terminal and contact point for the Antilla Railway has been outlined in detail elsewhere. It is a multilayered zone, and this is open to the outside world. The zone is about 10 x 30 miles. There are varying layers of access and security, and most of the planet is still offlimits unless Patrick or one of his family escort you, or you are a resident native. (No, Phillip and Alexander, you can not apply to move to Belize and live there!!!!!)

Grand Duchy of Texas

Map of Grand Duchy of Texas, Unicorn Islands, Greater Amber
Map of Grand Duchy of Texas, Unicorn Islands, Greater Amber

In the Unicorn Islands. It is the northernmost of the larger islands and SW of Port Royale. Roughly the shape and size of Ancient Earth’s state of Texas, Patrick was granted it for his part in the re-creation for Fiona, Princess Royale; restoration of her late beloved parrot Polly. At the same time Prince Fabian, Prince Trevithan, and Princess Blaze, were elevated to Grand Dukes and Grand Duchess, respectively.

Iago and Polly
Iago and Polly

Patrick took this very seriously and has worked hard to turn most of the land into a preserve, and the rest into serious fortifications and garrisoning of troops and harbor for seaworthy vessels to act as the first line of defense for Port Royale and the mainland.

To that effect Patrick is also building ‘Patrick’s Folly’, an internal road from the north of Amber by Amber City down to a port south of Port Royale, to move supplies and equipment as needed. It is being kept 30 miles from Port Royal as requested by King Bleys. It is being built from ten locations, with fortifications and bridges that can be removed in time of war, plus it is providing a great deal of local jobs and economy boosting across the kingdom. Amber’s defense minister has been involved with the layout and construction.

Patrick is also building his own port and fleet, that will sail for Amber if needed. (supply and defense). Not just freight ferries and barges but full ocean going ships of the line.


Off of Arden, Patrick, Jericho, and Ulrich cleared out, explored, and are developing the land. Some ruins were found on Patrick’s part and are being utilized for stone to build fortifications. They understand they are the first line defense, something coming for Amber and heading for Arden will get them first.


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