PC Interview: Magnus

MagnusHD – Why do you feel a duty towards your father that most of your brothers and nephews do not see?

Magnus – “That is not the question. Rather it should be why they do not feel such a duty. I swore oaths that bind me. That is enough.”

HD – What are these Oaths? Are they done using blood and fire?’

“I tend to find that words and the occasional glare work just fine.”

HD – Do you think your Norse upbringing made you who you are?

Magnus – “Are all of your questions going to be quite this asinine? Of course it did.”

HD – How has your becoming a priest of Wotan determined your outlook towards life?

“It gave me a better appreciation of binocular vision and runic magics.”

HD – Would you have preferred to have grown up in Amber or another place?

Magnus – “No.”

HD – How are you different from your brother Marcus?

“Well…. He is Marcus. I am Magnus. There. See the difference?”

HD – We hear there are plans to have a link station for the Antilla Railway – please tell us more

Magnus – “Also. No.”

HD – “Are there negotiations going on with King Matthew or the Antilla Railway Corporation?”

“No. His railway will not touch Asgard. It would not function there anyway.”

HD – What happened with Cinth and the damage to the Pattern?

Magnus – “I do not know what has happened to the Lady Cinth. I would recommend you go practice the ‘investigative’ part of your title and look into it if it vexes you so. As to the damage to the Pattern… It is managed.”

HD – Was she not last seen with you in Asgard?

“The only person who could answer that is the one who saw her last, I am afraid. She was in Asgard. Then she was not. And thus passes my knowledge of the subject.”

HD – Do you know who did the damage and why?

Magnus – “Andrés Campos is the one who damaged it. As for why…. Well, you would have to ask him. More importantly, however, is when you get to do so. I have placed a price upon his head…attached or otherwise. The man or woman who brings it to me shall have riches, privilege, and a thousand years of eternal youth placed into their hands. He snuck about in the dark like a dog. We shall put him down like one.”

HD – “How do you know he did it? We understand the only proof is what the entrails of sheep or goats reported.”

“Do not forget the boiled peanuts and kittens. Fear our magics for they are salty and sweet.”

HD – There are rumours that you have children. Some by a Norse Goddess, others by different mothers?

Magnus – “Rumors. Yes. Rumors.” Magnus nods.

HD – “Would you welcome them and make them Princes of Asgard or would you put them in Ambernite?”

“What is it with your fascination with Lucius’ punishment system? I fear for your sanity. Obsessing on such a thing cannot be healthy.”

HD – They claim that you get guidance from the ghost of Oberon? Is that true?

Magnus – “Every moment of my life.”

HD – “Which medium or Ouija Board do you use? I hear Madame Zsa Zsa in New Vegas has good rates.”

“I shall look into it the next time I find myself there.”

HD – What happened with the death of Baldur?

Magnus – “It happened. His most recent form died. He shall be spun forth by the Pattern again.”

HD – “What happened? There are rumours that you or Lucius poisoned him with poison oak.”

“There are also rumors that claim that Sleipnir can roller skate. I would be careful what I believe.”

HD – Your brother Marcus is considered to be close to you. How well do you get along?

Magnus – “He is my brother and under my protection. Our opinions often fall afoul of one another, but we are blood. That is all that matters in the end.”

HD – Do you plan a residence in Amber?

Magnus – “I have had a residence in Amber for quite a long while. I have ships there. I have a school there. Has someone taken them?”

HD – “Not that we know of. How is the school doing? How does it compare to the Borstal, er, the Imperial High Blood Academy of UT?”


HD – You cast the deciding vote for Bleys over Gerard – any regrets?

Magnus – “Regrets are for cowards. Things either matter enough to fix or they are meaningless. Bleys rules well enough until the King’s return.”

HD – “Isn’t Bleys King of Amber? Oberon is dead.”

Magnus – “As before. Rumors. Time will tell.”

HD – Geran invaded Eregnor near the Golden Circle. Any thoughts on his aggression against Prince Tone?

Magnus – “Life is conflict. There are winners and losers. He seems to be winning.”

HD – Prince Lucius in UT has his people no longer allowed to leave and treats tourists as potential spies. There are complicated surveillance ongoing there. Do the Norse lands plan anything like that or is it more liberal like Matthew’s Antillan lands?

Magnus actually chuckles. “Any Norseman or woman who was subjected to such would rise up, spear in hand. There is no need for such degradation. Those who are loyal are to be trusted. Those who do harm are to be punished. It would seem that there are few there who are loyal. If such is not true, it will be soon. Men are meant to stand upright and proud, not live cowering and kneeling.”

HD – “What advice do you have to people who are losing their inheritances in UT because of bad laws, brutal anti free market practices and a dogmatic tyrant who has a war on fat cats.”

“Take their things and leave? Rise up and tear down their government with blade and fire? Toil under their lot and accept the whims of fate? Do not mix plaids and stripes? The list could go on for days.”

HD – Do you plan to have traditional Norse justice including the Raven for offenders?

Magnus raises an eyebrow and then shrugs. “Go do something deserving of such a punishment. I’ll let you know.”

HD – “What punishment would you provide to anyone who harmed your children?”

“That would depend upon any number of factors. Which child? Who harmed them and why? Do you have any more details?”

HD – If there other continuums and other Magnus’ – what would you say to them?

Magnus – “Herra, hvað heimskingjar þessi dauðleg vera.”

HD – “Why are mortals fools when the gods are mad?”

Magnus – “Be wary. I am accounted amongst such gods. If you call me mad, it may prove my point and show you to be a fool. Interesting, isn’t it?”

HD – What is your choice of animal as a symbol?

Magnus – “I do not have one. If I did, it would likely be the raven.”

HD – “Is it illegal to harm Ravens?” What is the new flag of Asgard – the raven, runes, thor’s hammer, wolves or something else?

Magnus – “It is the Valknut.”

HD – “What does that mean?”

Magnus – “It means what I said.”

HD – What is your opinion of the Bear Cults that are running around open shadow? Are they compatible to Norse lands.

Magnus – “The lands of Asgard are for those who have turned their backs upon the rules that stifle and the societies that strive to encourage mediocrity. Ours is a people who seek to live in harmony with nature and the more pure ways of life. Family. Hearth. Home. Honor. If these Bear Cults wish to obey our laws and hold to these values, let them come.”

HD – “Which Bear do you respect more?”

Magnus – “The one trying to eat me, usually.”

HD – Why did you allow Erik son of Geran to suppress the Olympian and Egyptian believers who were of German descent and destroy the Romanized cities where Germanic people were?

Magnus – “Because he was an Aesir of Asgard and that was his wish. Those who seek power from outside powers in our lands stand beyond our protection. As we said before, there are winners…and losers. Those people sought the worship of outside powers. Who are they to me to save?”

HD – “Will Roman and Egyptian faiths be allowed to operate freely in your lands?”

“Asgard is the realm of the Aesir. Outside powers will find their influence … Missing. Go worship a turnip along with Apollo if you wish. At least it can be used for dinner later.”

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