Nidavellir, the Land of the Dvergar


The lands of Nidavellir exist deep within the earth.  Caves and open halls of stone, they are carved to magnificence by the hands of their masters.


The Dvergar




  • The Temple of the Cardinal Points

What other races forget, or refuse to acknowledge, is that those who guard the Four Cardinal Points are four mythical dvergar. Those who dwell in the deep however do not forget such things. Legend tells that originally the guardians were divine entities that did not belong to any race, and chose to be embodied as dvergar. They chose the dvergar since they were by far their preferred race and the guardians wanted to balance the fact that they were generally disdained.

Austri, Vestri, Sudri and Nordri are worshipped in this temple and the dvergar swear by their names. The main room of the temple is carved out of the mountain’s cold stone and decorated in the purest alabaster and most rare marbles. It appears to be lit by a subdued and moving bluish light, which gives the impression that one is underwater. There is no throne in it. You can only see the names of the guardians engraved on a marble monolith.

  • Ivaldi’s Hall

Ivaldi is the king of the dvergar. Legend often mistakes him for a dokkalfar because of his black hair and beard and dusky skin. He is proud of his great height (for a dvergar) and rather vain when it comes to his appearance. Ivaldi is extremely rich and very canny, making him a fine politician. He is not hostile towards foreigners and strangers but will accept every unexpected guest. To gain audience, one had better have extremely interesting information or expensive offerings to present him with. One must also show him the respect due to a king. His guard and court are entirely faithful to him and nobody questions this noble character of which legends speak.

  • Dvalin’s Hall

Dvalin is no doubt the most influential dvergar in Nidavellir after his half-brother Ivaldi, the King. Indeed, Dvalin is one of the oldest rune masters. Legend has it that he was hidden under Odin’s gallows when he was sacrificed and received the runes, and that Dvalin took advantage of it. With his four brothers he founded a sort of Jeweler cooperative, which only creates pieces of great value, such as the Brinsigamen necklace, bespoke for the gods.


The dvergar, their creatures, and the various beasts that wander these underground realms.  Due to their craftsmanship and love of treasures, dragons are found with more regularity here than in the other Worlds.

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