Malcolm (Adams) Forseti


Malcolm Forseti

Malcolm is a powerfully built man, with a large frame, although maybe not as heavy as his one grandfather; and is muscular, more like a swimmer than a weightlifter. He stands 6’9″, and looks like Gerard’s grandson. He has a darker almost olive skintone and currently is quite tan as well. What tan lines? He was an emancipated minor, independent since 13. He appears to be in his low twenties. He is the son of Dave Sawall (David Adams). After his banishment from Amber and move to Asgard, he took a different name.

Teen Years
Teen Years

The trump done of him shows him in light colored modern (ancient earth or E1) civillian garb in front of a light background, possibly a chapel or church of the Unicorn. He looks that way as if someone or something has caught his eye; and the look in his eyes belie his true age. He is less than clean shaven, which points to he possibly just got called back by his Wotan from whatever he was doing for one reason or another, and hasn’t had time to properly clean up.

Torque of the Hanged
Torque of the Hanged

*(update. He bears a set of scars from having assessed the Pattern of Asgard, a pair of spike marks in his wrists and the tops/arches of his feet, and a rope mark imperfectly circling his neck low and rising to the right shoulder a little. This marks him as a ‘hanged’ man of Asgard and worthy of respect. (about a third of those that dare this feat, do not survive the attempt) Usually one is either hanged or spiked, Malcolm was in a bad way healthwise (after a long field battle with the Warband in a tank-old wounds reaggrevated and some parts missing) and it was decided to do both so he had a chance of not ‘falling off’ during the nine-day ordeal. He wears a stainless steelcut neck torque as a sign of his status. He has been known to wear the torque instead of a tie with modern garb. Most of the time he can hide his scars with his clothing and doesn’t usually display them.)


Above, Malcolm in Forsetiheim as Forseti, with two of his companion animals, Goliath and Blackbeak. Flinthoof the little shaggy Icelandic type pony is not pictured.

He spends his time between ‘home’ in Forsetiheim, Asgard–with visits elsewhere. With having been thrown out of Amber by King Bleys, and two vendettas sworn against him by Emperor Lucius and Prince Edward, he dares not be caught in open shadow, Chaos, or anywhere vendetta is not banned. He can visit Lambeth but has not done so at this time. For supporting Niamh in Dealunde by fighting with the Warband, he was gifted with permission to be in the realm of Dealunde and granted a small estate. He declined to swear to Niamh, so she withheld titles. He has also visited the Zocalo, with Bleys permission to be there.

Magnus, Wotan of Asgard

Malcolm has sworn to Magnus the Wotan and ruler of Asgard. When he was tossed from Amber, Magnus offered him sanctuary. Which was gratefully accepted. He serves his King/Warlord/Wotan faithfully, and has not given Magnus reason to be upset with his devotion or his dedication to his duty. Which seems to make the incidents with Bleys seem that much more off in left-field…

Malcolm serves the realm as a member of the Warband in either the modern or the ancient sections, tank or heavy infantry. He also serves in a minor capacity as the reincarnation of the Asgardian diety Forseti, god of Justice. In that he resides in Forsetiheim, and carries a large two bladed war-axe named Glitnir. He also took the name Forseti as his last name, to tie to the past life of his ancient and reborn soul, no longer using Adams. He doesn’t seem to be in call as a mediator, may have something to do with the lack of lip service Forseti gets these days.

The great hall in Forsetiheim fell in from decay and as of yet has not been rebuilt. A few visited it before it fell in and can report that it was in a great state of disrepair and seemed beyond repair at the time. Malcolm has a small box with a few flakes of gilt and a few small beads of metal and a few tiny gemstones he picked up from the ruins before it fell in. He showed it to one visitor… Princess Bree. She came for an invited visit and got the grand tour inside and out, including a carriage ride. Being a close relative, it was merely a trying to get to know one another. She has not visited again.

It seems while Forseti’s soul was absent from Asgard, it affected those things that were there before. Such as followers falling away from the faith, and the state of the hall itself. The great war-axe seems to be the only thing unaffected. Time will show if things rebuild and restore now that Forseti is once more amongst the land of the living, at least his soul.

split slate hut
split slate hut

Malcolm currently lives in a hut he built of salvaged split shale at the site of the former Grand Hall Glitnir, with the red-gold columns and roof of shining silver.  Apparently before it can be rebuilt, he must wed. So, he seeks a suitable wife and to continue his present life in Asgard.

Some of that, the search for matrimony, borders on insanity and folly…or so it seems to outside observers. A few ladies have suffered his penmanship, and some gifts; but once they said no, nothing more happened. So despite things he is not one that needs a restraining order. He nearly wed Lady Sophia Hendrake, but she (or her grandmother) chose Sheridan Thrawnson. He did have a miniature of her, and returned it after the wedding to Her Highness. It is said even the Valkryes have forsaken the chance to become an alien princess, or keep a lowly hearth in the middle of nowhere.

One of those that suffered his penmanship is Princess Gwen. They did meet and agreed quite amicably to be friends. On occasion they do get together in Hrafnborg or the Zoccalo to have dinner or take in a show and a meal. Being an Amberite sometimes just having a friend is vastly overlooked…

Forsetiheim at night in winter in highlands near the old Great Hall site

Further history on how things happened:

He did make division Commander (Brigadier General) in the tank corps/heavy mechanized under his father, then came the issues after Dave had to disband his army.

He was deemed to have disobeyed a direct order from King Bleys because he didn’t hop to it immediately. (he’d planned to grab a beer or two so he could get on with the job, it was a personality clash with whom he was supposed to work with, and he did intend on doing what he was commanded to do)


In combat conditions he took an aimed shot and thought he killed an enemy. He instead killed Prince Kent. He freely admitted he took the shot, it was a case of mistaken identity during fighting during a spelunk with other family. ‘Friendly Fire’

He was taken into custody without any problems and put in the Amber Castle dungeons. Chief Contstable Prince Edward and Emperor Lucius both swore vendetta upon him. Two vendettas. Both were related to Prince Kent.

Kent also death cursed him that all Malcolm would be able to hold down is lawn grass and water. Which started to starve him to death very slowly. He deteriorated during the over a year that he was held in the dungeons, it was similar to anorexia and health and weight departed.

Not the Vendetta that was banned...yet
Not the Vendetta that was banned…yet

During that over a year, trial was set and Malcolm refused the trial stating it didn’t matter what King Bleys ruled, he already had two death sentences on his head. He hired Liam the barrister to argue just that, that Vendetta was more powerful than the word of the King and no one should be able to overrule the King in his own country. It did get Vendetta banned in Amber. However there are a lot of places yet that still allow it.

While in the dungeons Malcolm’s health deteriorated catastrophically. The jailers were kind to let his family visit as he got weaker and bring healthcare providers and healers to try to help him. He almost did die from the blood curse. Meanwhile a furious battle/courtcase roared on was he innocent or guilty by what means and what should be done to him.

Finally he was carried on a stretcher to Bleys and some of the others in Bleys’ open court; down to about 70# and no need to fasten or secure him, he could barely move period. It was finally decided by Bleys he had had enough and was going to ban Malcolm from Amber (for the direct order supposedly).

Dave his father, at his side, had to put his ear to lips to hear. On behalf of Malcolm, Dave asked, before Malcolm left Amber forever, to claim the birthright due all royals of Amber blood. Malcolm wished to walk the Pattern in an attempt to break the curse and heal himself at least. Malcolm hadn’t walked before his arrest and imprisonment, he had been waiting to mature some it seems. Now it seemed his only chance at a cure, and his last chance to walk the Pattern before being banned forever from Amber. A boon asked, from a dying man, to a King.

Bleys left it to Marcus and Ian. Marcus said he didn’t care, Ian said no. So Malcolm was to leave Amber immediately, into exile somewhere other than the Kingdom of Amber, her Golden Circle, and related areas. Of course Ultima Terra was also offlimits as were a few other areas that still allow Vendetta.

Valknot or Valknut
Valknot or Valknut

Magnus of Asgard offered Malcolm sanctuary, within Asgard, which was gratefully accepted. Asgard is a vendetta free zone. Apparently there are many other ways they deal with such levels of ‘need’ should it arise. In this it is a sanctuary, then. Most think backwater and good riddance, until. Such time as the Warband is needed, for the price.

Dave found a Pattern, it may have been the Primal, and carried Malcolm during a walk of it, carefully dragging a foot of his (tied with a rag to Dave’s ankle so it stayed on the path) to try to cure him. It worked, breaking the death curse. Malcolm quickly regained his health, so much so that Ian steadfastly believes the skin and bones Malcolm was some sort of illusion to generate sympathy. Malcolm does have a permanent ‘mark’ on his left foot, from the dragging of it along the Pattern-he had to be in contact with the Pattern for the entire walk or it would not have helped him, and the Pattern would have destroyed both father and son. It seem to have been a complete Pattern, not a broken or a warpie. Or the one of Rebma or Tir-na-nogth.


Jason Adams
Jason Adams

Malcolm has two known children, sons, on different mothers. One is Jason William Vincent Adams, a redhead, his mother was a very minor Jesby trollop (lady of the evening) that showed up with the infant. She came to ‘discuss’ the boy’s future with his father. She swiftly ceased to exist, someone poisoned her, not Malcolm. With a few week old son having shown up suddenly out of the blue, (paternity verified by magic) Malcolm stepped out and raised his son as a single father… this happened before Dave had to disband his army. Jason one day packed up, said goodbye and stepped off to live his own life. If he walked a pattern nobody knows at this time. (or a warpie or a broken pattern, or even the Logrus). His father took his sweet time in doing the deed so it is wondered if Jason has followed that or not.

Jason has been seen a few times, most noticeably recently by Niamh. It’s said he came to ask her out, shortly before she became engaged. He has invested in Dealunde, bringing in some high tech style but low tech passive technology that the average Dealunde citizen can implement themselves, creating jobs and a greener cleaner environment. Malcolm allows him to use his country vineyard estate there if he wants, but Jason has bought a small condo in the capital that has maid service, and is seen there on occasion. It is not certain if Jason has sworn to Niamh, but by the same token he has no grant or title apparently in Dealunde.

He does have claim to Prince of Amber, Baron of Sawall (Baron of Davidways, actually)


Malcolm has another son by a demoness, called Rupert. He showed up once and has stepped away again. Malcolm knows of him but has never seen him. The two boys were born a few days apart and apparently conceived during the same leave weekend. Jason is the elder of the two. This man also has claim to Prince of Amber and Baron of Sawall (Davidways).

Rupert showed up in Port Royal and met a few including Princess Evie Chance. She seemed rather more than underwhelmed. What name he uses or where he went is totally unknown.

Malcolm did enjoy his leave time as a young man. He may have more children out there somewhere that have not surfaced yet. Just like any of the other longer lived Amberites…

Of course, Malcolm is the oldest son and oldest child of Dave Adams Sawall, and Michelle Barimen Adams. He has three younger sisters and a younger brother (in birth order, Constance, Bertrand, Beatrice, and Allison). His Maternal grandparents are Gerard Barimen and Rose Butcher Barimen, and a great grandmother of Rilga. On the other side, his grandparents are Corwin Corey and Marlena Sawall Corey. Bertrand has given him a nephew and niece, George and Mary, respectively, with the half demoness Beverly.

Malcolm is a Prince of Amber, Marquise of Sawall (Davidways), and Forseti of Asgard.


Forseti in the days of Old
Forseti in the days of Old

Is both the name of the Great Hall of Forseti in Asgard, and the large double bitted war axe that Malcolm carries as the reincarnation of the Asgardian God Forseti (son of Baldur/Balder and Nana/Nanna), God of Justice. The former Great Hall had decayed while Forseti was absent, and fell in and burned not long after Malcolm arrived and took possession. There are very few followers left, and the area around the former Great Hall area is abandoned and wild. Those that come in to the transfer point (by runes, other magics, or trump) find an empty sparse rocky stretch of ground surrounded by an ancient dryfit split slate fence wall. One corner that was still fairly intact, has been built into a small hut and this is where Malcolm resides. Inside the old style large fireplace with inset grating has been remodeled and has a modern style Rocket Mass Heater stove installed, and the exhaust mass bench is wide enough on the other side to provide a sleeping bench which is laid with furs and a few wool blankets.  There is a rough table and a bench on the other side for a few to be able to sit and eat. The hut holds little else. Malcolm keeps his own hearth until the day some woman truly wants him and he can rebuild the Great Hall. The area looks like greatly northern pine forest, and has frequent, stunning, and beautiful Aurora at night. Long cold winters, short intense summers.

Glitnir War Axe
Glitnir War Axe

The War Axe came with the job. It is large and wicked and sharp, and is magically hidden on Malcolm’s back most times. He has just to reach over his shoulder and he has a handful of finely hand forged steel alloy. It is of a good size, but by the same token, Malcolm is not a small man. He has learned to use the weapon, Grimmandr Magnusson was charged with that after Magnus seen Malcolm on the field the first time, trying to use the weapon at all…

He is both in the modern forces and the raiding style Warband, and goes out as his Wotan commands. If he is in the modern forces, he is in the tank corps. If it is other, he is face to face with his enemy on the field.

On the few times before the old hall collapsed, if he was ‘called’ to the place of judgement to sit and hear the case, the axe would appear in his hands. He would listen to the case, and if it was needed after passing judgement, he would carry out the sentence. No one knows if he can recall it to himself, within Asgard this may be possible.

These days the place where the ‘calling’ and the case would be heard is a flat spot over the old rubble that is buried in the earth. Malcolm has put some slices of logs out there, so there is still a place to gather. It has been a while since he was called to sit and listen, and pass a judgement. It could be that there are few followers or others that would give Forseti lip service. And a bit of there is no Great Hall at this time. He does keep the ‘arrival’ area clear, as well as the ‘judgement place’ cleared of snow during the long dark winter.

It is said at the holiday time in the middle of the winter, he did go visit every one of his few believers left, and brought them gifts (food, firewood, furs, woolen and linen clothes)


Rumored to be Forsetiheim in Summer
Rumored to be Forsetiheim in Summer
Rumored Forsetiheim midlands or lowlands
Rumored Forsetiheim midlands or lowlands

It is not clear if one goes into Forsetiheim to get to Glitnir (the Great Hall area) or if it is just outside of that area. Malcolm claims he lives IN Forsetiheim.  Rumors are coming out that it is a large island (not continent sized) with warming ocean currents that make it warmer than it should be. There are vent volcanos that are mostly cracks in the ground that occasionally ooze lava, sometimes spitting it slightly. The area is geothermally active. Rumors are that there are people there, strange animals, and a profusion of plants. Technology is unknown, but bone, stone, and wood articles in old norse/Viking style plus warm climate foods have been seen on the markets in Hrafnborg at times; and rumors are this is the source for these. Malcolm is at Hrafnborg market occasionally buying metal and metal goods that he disappears with, presumably taking that stuff back to Forsetiheim.


Hrafnborg accomodations
Hrafnborg accommodations

Malcolm keeps a small place in Hrafnborg for the times he has to be there. It has security, a concierge, and maid service. He also seems to have invested in several businesses in Hrafnborg. He tends to prefer to live in his ‘hinters’ home, and be closer to the Wotan’s hall if he is needed.

It is near city center, as he claims it is a short walk to most places out-system visitors tend to prefer to stay, eat, and recreate.

Hrafnborg is billed as the Gateway to Asgard, it is where anyone from outside must go through to get into the Power. From there, one can travel farther into the Power, but they leave the zone of high/modern tech behind if they leave the City. Most outsiders usually prefer to stay in the City.

Places like Magnus Odinsson’s Great Hall are said to be totally medieval tech and in the style of the grand old Norse-Scandinavian-Viking halls, which are not to everyone’s liking. Guests to Asgard often just stay in Hrafnborg and the locals they want to see come to the City to see them there.

Malcolm’s known outsider visitors have been his father Dave Sawall and his oldest sister, Constance Adams.



[stuff below here has been left as historical reference as the page is redone]

He does spend some time now in Beaufort, as he is Vicount, and has to spend some of his effort in managing the estate on behalf of his father (Dave, the Viscount of Beaufort).

His father Prince Dave has just installed him as the acting Duke of Arlington; filling the position as steward of the vast Southern Amber holdings of Malcolm’s grandfather and Dave’s father, Corwin. Until such time as Corwin returns and is able to take his position once again, it is said.

It seems he is somewhat of a ladies man, though that is mostly perking up through spy reports and the occasional bit of juicy gossip. One of the first seems to be Sif, who is currently in Welksham. The child she produced she says is not his and she has apparently sent him away. Rest of the rumors is he seems to prefer them older… He has also made an overture to Elizabeth Channicut; and seems to have been rebuffed mostly because of his age. It will be seen if he attempts another now that he is of a legal age.

He also has been at study in the art of war, and was given his first command about age fourteen. He is in a heavy armored division; and rising through ranks. Instead of an armchair strategist, Malcolm is learning by doing. He has the support of his father, Prince Dave, and the concern of his mother, Princess Michelle. At the moment he has worked from Tank Commander to Section Commander (rank of Full Colonel). He dreads any more promotions as that will take him out of the field.

And it seems this has come to pass as well, on the occasion of obtaining his majority he has also been promoted to General (seen wearing a single silver star so Brigadier) and if not a Division Commander, he will be soon.

Vicount of Beaufort

His father, Prince Dave of Amber and Parys, has handed over stewardship of the Viscounty of Beaufort, to Malcolm, being his oldest son and heir. It was given to Dave by the Prince Regent, Gerard upon his marriage to Princess Michelle. As eldest son and heir, Malcolm may style himself Vicount of Beaufort, and is charged to manage the place for his father, and ultimately King Bleys.

So far it seems the place is well run and peaceful, except for an occasional evening down in the Quarter near the base and barracks.

Malcolm has taken up residence in the Manor, a sort of simple old stone building not that far from the Quarter. It is said he lives fairly simply and if he needs excitement he goes to the Quarter….

*update, passed to his younger brother Bertrand.

Duke of Arlington

Prince Dave has formally installed Malcolm as the Acting Duke of Arlington, a steward until such time as Corwin returns and is able to resume his titles. This is a huge swath of South Amber. It is also said that Malcolm can call on Dave’s assets as needed, including military and finances. Arlington has been set up to run well and be secure, but. Malcolm will have to answer to Dave and both will have to answer to the King… and when Corwin returns that will be the ultimate reckoning.

*update, passed to his younger brother Bertrand.

Military Rank

Malcolm was given command of a heavy tank and crew just after he turned thirteen, and distinguished himself in combat in the maneuvers that cornered Lord Licent. He was also rumored to have suffered because of a ritual that was done-he was not an unwilling participant/donor and he was not the direct target, but he was affected.

He has since worked his way up to Section Commander within a battalion of the 141st Mechanized Heavy Infantry; of Prince Dave’s standing army, having earned the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. At approximately sixteen years of age, he has practical battle experience and a few honors earned by sweat and blood. Some of his studies have been beside Prince Geran’s middle sons, in Welksham; as well, under Prince Benedict.

JUST recently, he has been given a promotion to full Colonel. An upwards move is expected shortly which isn’t wanted because with that will come removal from the battlefield and rotation to a desk job.

It will be seen in the upcoming engagements to wipe the blot of the Cult of the Lynx from all shadows, what he is truely made of.

The promotion to Brigadier General will effectively take Malcolm out of the tank whether he wants to or not…. some engagements he might still be able to go onto the field but. It is not known if he is now a Division Commander, if not he will be soon.



(more to come)

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