Jorrah Ravencroft, purported daughter of Prince Brand Bariman and the sorceress Jasrah, spent her formative years within one of the finest educational facilities – leaving her with an education and upbringing not too dissimilar in some regards to a convent. She has a distinct fondness for carrying a moleskine journal with her wherever she goes, so she may make notes whenever inspiration for creation strikes her. Many of her eccentricities tend to be forgiven by Society, overlooked in favour of her decidedly good taste in matters of fashion and high birth.

Much has been made about her upcoming nuptials with Prince Christophe, the Dauphin of Parys, sparking a media frenzy across much of Creation. A fairytale twist has been given to the stories, especially as the wedding has followed very close on the heels of Jorrah’s recovery from unexpected collapse into a year-long coma, the symptoms of which were not dissimilar from the affliction which her father, Brand, suffers.

Princess Jorrah seems most concerned about issues surrounding education and humanitarian aid, but equally she has been known to utter completely cutting and thoughtless remarks at the drop of a hat in highly public forums.

Suffice to say, she is one of the most vibrant and notable of the princesses of her generation — one to watch.

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