Amblerash Family of Churches and Brandenberg

The Amblerash Family of Churches includes the High Dragon Church of Chaos, the Unicorn Church of Amber and the Quaddity of Parys. Recently Queen Jasra and senior Church of Brand figures have begun consultation to the have the Church of Brand be included in this apostolic family. The High Priests/High Prelates/Patriarchs of the Dragon and Unicorn Churches, and the Quaddity, have already given their blessing to the endeavour.

The Brandenburg Church already recognises the Constantinian Rite, the Justinian Rite, the Theodosian Rite, and the Cornelian Creed and Rite, and it accepts the complete autonomy of the affiliated faiths in full communion. Services and rites may be provided when one faith is not involved.

King Brand and Queen Jasra (and possibly others in the Brandenberg Royal Family) will be interviewing potential high priests from the submitted list of nephews of Bances and Theobald Amblerash. It is rumoured that Ambrose Amblerash, half brother to Louis Amblerash of Parys, is in pole position for the job.

In addition, the agreement of the three Kingdoms (Thelbane, Amber and Parys) includes the protection of any other Amblerash faith, which was put in place when Oberon married Dybele Hendrake, after his disastrous marriage to the religious fanatic and iconoclast Rilga. Removing any Amblerash Church is thereby cause for a Declaration of War by the other Great Powers. Oberon also submitted a surety of 30,000 tons of gold, which is still on deposit in Amber Cathedral, in case Amber ever renounces the Church of the Unicorn. Parys and Chaos did not submit such a guarantee neither will Brandenberg. The deposit was because of the Rilga Terror and will remain in the Cathedral vaults until there is absolutely certainty that Amber will not relapse into religious apostasy.

Said Theobald of the Unicorn Church, “It is with that pride we join to welcome our brethren from Brandenberg. Let us pray that our good work results in a fruitful friendship and religious partnership across Creation. We pray for a successful outcome. May the great empires of Amber, Chaos, Parys and now Brandenberg never go to war again.”

Bances of the Dragon Church commented, “In an age of heresy, iconoclasm, and uncertainty, our churches give solace and faith. We are great pillars of stability that must not be allowed to be shaken by a few petty scandals or gossip.”

Louis Amblerash of Parys added, “May Brandenberg and Parys, under the wings of Amber and Chaos, have eternal peace and continue to be joined in indefinite friendship and alliance.”