Glen1Glen was raised by his mother without the knowledge of his father. When he became an adult he decided to seek adventure without Jasra’s apron strings. Glen ran into Corwin during this wanderjahr and they established a strong friendship.  A cadre of Corwin’s children became jealous of Glen and his life became a living hell of torture and ritual use, with much of his memories being burned out. Not long after escaping from his tormentors Glen encountered his brother Kelly and they travelled together for a time. Then politics happened and Dealunde’s assassins kept creeping closer to Kelly. Determined to protect his brother, Glen assisted with the liberation of Dealunde. As reward for his instrumental assistance in the liberation of Dealunde the sky realm of Stratos was given to Glen to rule in perpetuity.


Father: Emperor Lucius

Mother: Queen Jasra

Uncle: Geran

Brother: Kelly

Brother: Rinaldo

Sister: Jorrah

Brother-in-law: Christophe


Physical Characteristics


Age: 21 (Appearance)

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 135 pounds

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Body Type: thin

Distinctive Markings: None known at this time.


Known Capabilities

Glen has proven himself to be a capable mage, able to wield vast spells and even control the weather in Dealunde. He has also been witnessed many times forging complex objects out of virtually nothing and molding potent raw materiel into magical artifacts. During the liberation of Dealunde Glen was instrumental in organizing and leading the Maquis resistance movement that created a shadow government that eventually became the formal government once the Republic fell.


Titles and Honours

Lord of Gifts

Lord of the Rings

King of Stratos

Regent, Keep of Four Worlds

Crown Prince, Keep of Four Worlds

Crown Prince of Mordor

Prince of Amber

Prince of Avernus

Prince of Badovia

Prince of Bien Dien Phu

Prince of Brandenburg

Prince of Chaos

Prince of Channicut

Prince of Helgram

Prince of Roma

Prince of Suhuy

Prince of Ultima Terra

Admiral of the Fleet, Parys

Field Marshal of Parys

Grand Commander Order of Archangel Corwin

Grand Commander Order of Saint Denis

Grand Commander Order of Saint Esprit

Grand Commander Order of Saint Louis

Grand Commander Order of Silver Rose



Stratos, Dealunde

The Dark Tower, Mordor


Companies Owned By

Pixel Corporation



Dragon skin armour with magical gauntlets.

Tri-gold ring that depicts Ouroboros with a single ruby eye.


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