Here’s Cheers

Stubout for Here’s Cheers, a guide to the seasonal and annual, beers, wines and ales, produced in and around Amber, and maybe even some places to locate the same.

Old Cycle, Bayles White Wine

  • sewer flusher. This stuff is so bad the toilet you pour it in might throw up. Colloquially known as Bayle’s Piss.

Old Cycle, Bayles Red Wine

Anything within the last fifteen years is drinkable. There is better.

New Cycle, Bayles White Wine

Still on rack so unknown if anything has been changed for the better.

New Cycle, Bayles Red Wine

Still on rack so unknown.

Beckk’s Beer

Brewery in Beckhamton, does seasonal brews as well as a few year rounds. Does both cold german and warm english varieties.

New Villa Winery

Releases, there is some good white of 3-5 years age that is just come in, not too heavy or nutty, with a touch of crispness. Is expected to have about a three year run before it goes over.

Red of 5 to 8 years, again, just coming in good and a well balanced full body wine. Another that may have possibly a 5 year run.

Port of about 10-15 years vintage. Not much and has good warm buttery undertones and a nice finish. Lucky if you can find it.

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