Wendell of Wendellways

Prince Wendell

Wendell is a well placed member of the Helgram family whose father is the Archduke John of Thelbane, Chief Secretary to King/Grand Duke Bleys. He is also Marquess of Wendellways in Helgram, Chaos. He is also a Marquis in Amber and in the Golden Circle.

In Helgramways, he is also the Minister of Constitutional Affairs and in charge of promoting Helgram independence – as Bleys and Fiona play that dangerous game with Swayville and the Imperial Thelbane Court.

Wendell is a bureaucrat in Amber – he has a sinecure position of Assistant Deputy Minister Without Portfolio.  He also serves as a Visiting Lecturer to the Helgram Academy. He is recently been appointed to a tenured position as a Full Professor at the Wotan Magnus Institute of Wizardry and Sorcery in Amber City by King Bleys, his grandfather.

Wendell has also been given a dozen Royal  Commissions from his grandfather King Bleys and is known as the Gopher-in-Chief to the Royal Courts of Amber, Helgramways and Avernus. He holds the rank of Brigadier General in the Amber Militia though there is no active Amber militia outside of the Baronies.

Wendell just obtained control of Camlann with the assistance of Prince Edward, King of nearby Avalon with Princes Artur, Hal and Dave.

He is well known supporter of King Bleys, his grandfather, even willing to defy King Swayville, his great grandfather. Swayville has been gentle to the young man though has punished his occasional naughtiness with spending time with Lucius’ sons, The Twins!

Prince Wendell will be made Grand Duke of Ryehold in the Golden Circle and shall have permanent possession of Ryehold Castle in the Ossetian Mountains in Third Ossetia. It will have guaranteed access to the sea through the river systems. Ryehold, in Third Ossetia is one of the bastions that Prince Wendell uses for the Golden Circle Inquisition.

King Bleys in his role as Emperor of the Golden Circle states that the Inquisition has a renewed mandate for another calendar year after this year. He also says in case of his death or incapacity, that the role of the Inquisition will continue indefinitely until another King rules on the subject.

Corwin’s Notes: Camlann, Avalon and Lorraine

“Ganelon squatted on his haunches beneath an oak tree The man hung from it. He was young and fair of hair and complexion. Beyond that, it was hard to say at a glance.

It is difficult, I discovered, to obtain a clear initial impression as to a man’s features and size when he is hanging upside down several feet above the ground. His hands had been tied behind his back and he hung from a low bough by a rope that had been knotted about his right ankle. He was talking-brief, rapid phrases in response to Ganelon’s questions-and his face was moist with spittle and sweat. He did not hang limply, but swung back and forth.

There was an abrasion on his cheek and several spots of blood on his shirt front. As his body slowed, Ganelon prodded him in the sternum with the tip of his blade and set him to swinging violently once again. This broke the skin lightly and another red spot appeared.

At this, the boy cried out. From his complexion, I could see now that he was a youth. Ganelon extended his blade and held its point several inches beyond the place the boy’s throat would come to on the backswing.

At the last moment, he snatched it back and chuckled as the boy writhed and cried out, “Please!”

Wendell Young
Wendell after the Battle

“The rest,” said Ganelon. “Tell me everything.”

“That’s all!” said the other. “I know no more!”

“Why not?”

“They swept on by me then! I could not see”

“Why did you not follow?”

“They were mounted. I was on foot.”

“Why did you not follow on foot then?”

“I was dazed.”

“Dazed? You were afraid! You deserted!”


Ganelon held his blade forth, snapped it away again at the final moment.

“No!” cried the youth.

Ganelon moved the blade again.

“Yes!” the boy screamed. “I was afraid!”

“And you fled then?”

“Yes! I kept running! I’ve been fleeing ever since…”

“And you know nothing of how things went after that?”


“You lie!” He moved the blade again.

“No!” said the boy. “Please…”

“Ha!” he said, slapping the inside of the youth’s thigh so that he cried out. “A thief, a deserter-with an interesting tale to tell.” Wendell in trouble

Then cut him down and let me hear it,” I said.

Ganelon turned and cut through the cord with one swipe of his blade. The boy fell to the ground and began sobbing.

“I caught him trying to steal our supplies and thought to question him about the area,” Ganelon said. “He’s come from Avalon-quickly.”

“What do you mean?”

“He was a foot soldier in a battle that took place there two nights ago. He turned coward during the fighting and deserted.”

The youth began to mouth a denial and Ganelon kicked him. The boy moved sideways like a crab and looked at me with wide, pleading eyes.

“Battle? Who was fighting?” I asked.

Ganelon smiled grimly. “It sounds somewhat familiar,” he said. “The forces of Avalon were engaged in what seems to have been the largest-and perhaps final-of a long series of confrontations with beings not quite natural.”


I studied the boy and his eyes dropped, but I saw the fear that was there before they fell.

“…Women,” Ganelon said. “Pale furies out of some hell, lovely and cold. Armed and armored. Long, light hair. Eyes like ice. Mounted on white, firebreathing steeds that fed on human flesh, they came forth by night from a warren of caves in the mountains an earthquake opened several years ago. They raided, taking young men back with them as captives, killing all others. Many appeared later as a soulless infantry, following their van. This sounds very like the men of the Circle we knew.” …

“The deserter tells me this was tried,” said Ganelon, “and they always burst forth after a time, stronger than before.”

The boy was ashen, but he nodded when I looked toward him inquiringly. Wendell out of Avalon

“The General, whom he calls the Protector, routed them many times,” Ganelon continued. “He even spent part of a night with their leader, a pale bitch named Lintra-whether in dalliance or parlay, I’m not certain. But nothing came of this. The raids continued and her forces grew stronger. The Protector finally decided to mass an all-out attack, in hopes of destroying them utterly. It was during that battle that this one fled,” he said, indicating the youth with a gesture of his blade, “which is why we do not know the ending to the story.” …

I laughed. It broke me up completely, and I could not stop laughing. He looked irritated, then puzzled. Then he began laughing himself. The youth regarded us as if we were a pair of maniacs… I saw no real choice. All of the shadows near to what I desired would be similarly involved. I could lay my course for one which did not possess such involvement, but in reaching it I would have achieved the wrong place. That which I desired would not be available there. If the forays of chaos kept occurring on my desire-walk through Shadow, then they were bound up with the nature of the desire and would have to be dealt with, one way or another, sooner or later. They could not be avoided. Such was the nature of the game, and I could not complain because I had laid down the rules.

“We go on,” I said. “It is the place of my desire.”

The youth let out a brief cry, and then-perhaps from some feeling of indebtedness for my having prevented Ganelon from poking holes in him- warned, “Do not go to Avalon, sir! There is nothing there that you could desire! You will be slain!”

– The Corwin Chronicles – Guns of Avalon


Notes from Prince John of Helgram, Amber and Duke of Johnways

…All is lost. The brave army that marched through Arden Forest, that has never been done  before, perished, in an attempt to storm Amber Castle. Corwin was captured and presumed insane after being blinded by tyrant Eric.

Our unreliable ally, Benedict the warlord of Avalon and Lorraine, considered my small reserve army of Helgrams to be a liability and embarrassment. While the Jesbys and their Hendrake hellmaid allies marching down the Black Road, a Helgram army was a great inconvenience…

…Without warning, our position in Camlann was assaulted. It was a 3 am raid after the Celebration of the Grand Duke’s birthday. Most of our forces were still revelling and even I had gone to bed later than normal….

…. I was awoken with the news that Benedict and his army is now storming out main garrison and his advance commandos were due any minute…

“…What of the boys?” I asked my Chief of Staff who was burning documents, he was already in demon form compared to my preferred human form,  as I hurriedly dressed.

Wendell wounded
My son, as my Aide de Camp and Chief Secretary, Wendell was in the forward garrison that night to raise morale. Wallace was still deathly ill from a bottle of Jesby flavoured wine that Eric of Amber had tricked up into taking. Wallace was the military man and deputy commander. His brother, Wendell, I removed him from a possible sine cure professorship at the Academy to come with me in the war to put my father, Bleys on the throne of Amber.

Gaius, Obie, so many of my brothers and sisters, dead. What else will this war cost? Damn the Land of the Unicorn to fall into the Abyss. I thought.

“They are on their own,” he finally said as I found him dragging me through a trump he had in his hand. There was a crash through the roof as my last sight was Benedict’s elite commandos coming down. The sight of the Clock in Helgramways was my next vision. There were still two crossbow bolts in my thigh and lung. Thank the Dragon for Helgram healers. My own rescuer was already dead with the trump in his hands as we got through.”


Private Notes:

Return to Camlenn:


Interview with Wendell by Opera Winnifried

"You have a reputation as an advanced scholar. How do you compare to
people such as Matthew, who studied directly under Dworkin? What are
your specialties? What do you want to learn?"
Mountain Dew Wendell
Wendell with his Mountain Dew in Amber City
   "I am not so privileged to study under Dworkin. I am a proud graduate of
   Helgram Royal Academy." he says proudly, "Yes Bleys will be announcing
   name shortly. "I studied sorcery, ritual, history, economics, Chaos and
   Black Zone Geography and Economics, Amber studies, and so on."

   "What would I want to learn... " he ponders, "probably a lot beginning
   with how to outfox the twins."

  "You might take lessons from Riva and Guy.

  Wendell looks confused, "Why is that? I don't think they outfoxed Riva and
  Guy." he ponders, "Part of me feels sorry for the Twins as they are fun guys
  but part of me thinks they deserve it cause their hazing style rituals get a
  bit rough. You never know if they are faking or being nice."

  "Are you sure if they know?'

Wendell pauses, "They are so cheerful and boppy and happy. Even when
they are taking advantage of the situation and are being thorough
little punks, it is hard to not be affected by the cheeriness. They
seem permanently in a high." he shrugs, "It is really hard to tell if
they are for real."

  But Riva and Guy did outfox the twins. Do
  you know how?"
Wendell Car
Wendell with a car in Shadow
"All I have learned is that they set up a trap and the Twins because
they like sneaking around, were not prepared for a full scale ambush
with kregora used."

  Tell me more about the
  Helgram Royal Academy. So far, the more prominent -- or notorious --
  Helgram scholars seem to be Fiona and her son Isaac, at least to hear
  Isaac say it."

  "It is one of Creation's finest post secondary facilities. It is also one of
  the oldest as well. It has trained generations of Helgrams and has prepared
  them to have the finest skills in demand. They have the best Chaos Soccer
  team in the Varsity sector. They beat the Borstal Boys (IHBA) all the time."

  "The academy is really cool and it has the best instructors all of whom are
  related to us." he chuckles. "But then they are related to almost all the
  students so it avoids nepotism."
Wendell and GF
Wendell and the Lovely Lady on his arm
"But not favoritism -- Amber families are usual in that regard, at least!"

Wendell chuckles, "Favourtism unless one is blind deaf and dumb is a
reality. Even a quantitative test needs quality scale before hand to
properly evaluate the data."

Owner of the Black Bunny Bar and Restaurant

Wendell has created a new recreational facility in Amber City with the Black Bunny Bar and Restaurant. Patronized by the paragon Gertie and her stuffed black rabbit, the Black Bunny is a favourite of Prince Wendell’s friends and supporters in Amber City. Originally designed as a private club, it soon went public due to the popularity of the upscale restaurant with simple good food and a laid back atmosphere.

After Wendell’s half-uncle Prince Patrick was forbidden to bring in chili from his own personal restaurant to eat, Patrick attempted to buy the restaurant to fire the server and staff. When he found out it was Wendell, Patrick and Wendell ended up having a casual feud that divided the Amber Helgrams into Wendell and Patrick factions. Though tempers have cooled down, Patrick to this day refused to enter the Black Bunny Restaurant and Bar.

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  1. This Alexander, Co-King of Badovia – Wendell can be boring but once he hangs with me and my brother Phillip, he can learn to party all over again! He really needs to stop being so proud of his old fashioned Helgram Academy. The IHBA is cool and he should not be dissing it! It makes the Boys in the Squads think Wendell’s uncool, you know.
    I hope he keeps promoting silly Helgram independence so that it gets Swayville ticked and then Swayville makes him have time to PARTY with US – Me and Phillip, the SUPERPOWERS!

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