Other Substantial Realms

Outside the Black Zone but not close enough to the Earth/Chakra Zone

The Holy Serpentine Realm of New Marcelline

Cobbled together from different bases and lands in the Chaos side of Creation by an heir of Mandor, this territory seeks to honour not one but TWO holy serpents of Chaos – adopting the image of the red and white serpents entwined, this government has closed its border, claims to seek peace with its neighbours and has begun a rearmament program. Claiming a Marceline Succession going back to the warlord of the Abyss Marcellinus, this realm also claims to own territory far from its borders including Kirkland (occupied by Aetius)


A multishadow kingdom that is noted for its rich agricultural traditions and old castles, and lost civilizations. Its ruling dynasty claims Theodosian succession in its many rocks of creation that survived the Calamity in the Abyss.


Capital Chatsworth, a large pastoral agricultural area noted for large beautiful estates, legends of lost treasures and huge meadows. Rumours are that the region is a direct descendant of Justin the Stern. Though comparably the entire royal dynasties of Amber and Chaos have the eldest heirs of the Justinian succession.