Private collection of Dealunde secret police artifacts

Prince Isaac Helgram has recently admitted that he is in possession of artifacts from the pre-revolution period in Dealunde, when revolutionary forces and the ancien regime struggled in the shadows where treachery and atrocity were commonplace.

Apologists for both sides each blame the other for creating these devices. Isaac himself will not divulge who sold him these artifacts, and whether the source was connected to the recent destruction of the Republic’s museum.

Among the prizes of Isaac’s collection are:

* A pair of data glasses of the type favored by military dictators. These “cheaters” not only obscured the wearer’s eyes, but they also allowed the wearer to perceive hostile intent in others. These devices were less useful than intended. Not only did were they unable to discern between impotent hatred and true threats, but also they failed to detect mercenaries who would kill dispassionately.

* A “voodoo pen” which could be used to ‘curse’ victims with vicious rumors that would follow them about

* A stone that, if buried with a corpse in a secret grave, would gradually cause those who knew the deceased to forget everything about that person or even that the deceased ever existed.

* A stopwatch that, when activated, would create an illusion that the user remained in that location, while the user had up to an hour’s alibi to commit whatever.

* A noose that, if it did not break the victim’s neck, kept them hanging alive but paralyzed indefinitely.

*A drug that magnified the victim’s weaknesses to the point of violent obsession.

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