House of Corey

This is a rough list of Corey/Corwin/FitzCorwin/deParys family members in relation to the rest of Creation.

Christophe – King of Parys son of Dara

Merlin, son of Dara

Jurt, son of Dara but in Imperial High Blood Academy, Ultima Terra

Despil rumoured to also be a son of Corwin

Dave Sawall – Duke of Sawall, nephew of the late Mandor, detractor of Christophe

Armand Du Plessis de Richielieu – aide and half brother to Dave

Riva – Missing. Enemy of Christophe. Obsessed with Arthur son of Lucius. Jesby motther

Art Baker – notorious womanizer and best jazz musician in Creation/ has no known permanent residence

Aleksandr – Mother unspecified. Conquered Lorraine and Avalon during Benedict’s absence as per War of the Parys Succession. Driven out by Edward, Lucius and friends. However, more recently, he has regained Lorraine and has established a kingdom there.

Michel – Mother unspecified. Assisted Aleksandr during the original conquest of Lorraine and Avalon, but has not been particularly visible since. He does not appear to have been involved in the recent power struggle.

Nicolas. Mother unspecified.  Certainly used to hvae a universally poor reputation, and reneged on deals with Tubble Channicut. Created remarkable advanced airships that Corwin used to invade Brandenberg. Very Very Greedy Financier. Airships never been completed reverse engineers. Many hidden bases left. Nicolas is an NPC imprisoned in Amber Castle dungeon. Christophe’s request to move him to Parys has been denied.

Glen and Paolo/Paul – adopted sons of Corwin – tend to be with Corwin when he wanders

Jorrah – daughter of Brand and Jasra/ eccentric scientist and Girl Genius, married to Chirstophe and mother to his children

Dara – Schemer and Mother of many children by many fathers – Corwin granted divorce for abdication in favour of Christophe. Dara is mother to Arthur of UT.

(Corey Kids) many Corwin NPCs most natural. Some never played but on registry.