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Seen Somewhere In A Shadow Along the Roadside


NEW Reality TV Series

Advert:  JesbyCoffee  A combination of Reality TV and gameshow, contestants have a coffee invitation to the grand parlor of a Jesby. Points can be scored for polite society banter, barbs, innuendos, and rising to the top. The last survivor wins. How much depends on how many points they have scored. Those at home may log in via most any social media and bet to win prizes, based on who wins and with how many points. Will Air Thursdays after Here Comes Honey Jorrah Boo Boo. Check local listings for times.

Honey Jorrah Boo Boo

Has been CANCELLED by the network. She took a vacation into fasttime, grew a bit too old and too much tanning, as you can see below. Hope Christophe has a couple of tankers of booze! JorrahTanned

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