House Helgram: Grand Ducal Line

Bleys HelgramBleys, Grand Duke Helgram

Bleys is the son of Clarissa Helgram and Oberon of House Dworkin-Barriman, and eldest grandson of the late-Grand Duke, Graham Helgram Junior. He was born and brought up as a Prince of Amber, although he developed and maintained links with his mother’s House in Chaos. However, after Clarissa fell from favour, and Rilga the Zealot was made queen, he started developing his own interests. He became Grand Duke on his grandfather’s death during the Patternfall war, and recently married Elizabeth Channicut in a somewhat eventful ceremony in Port Royal, Amber.

The antipathy of Eric of Karm and his Rilgaite minions, Caine and Julian, towards Clarissa’s family has caused the Grand Duke’s life to be touched with tragedy, with many of his own children, as well as those of his younger brother Brand, being murdered because of internecine warfare in Amber. However, in happier news, he recently proposed marriage to Elizabeth, daughter of Grand Duke Tubble Chanicut and Arch Duchess Cymnea Barriman, and is awaiting her answer.

Given his duties in Amber, his style of rulership is necessarily at arms’ length, so he has arranged that either of his eldest surviving sons, Ian and John, can make decisions for the House in his absence.

As well as the twins, Bleys has three other surviving, acknowledged children: Morgana, Patrick and Andrew.

The House records for Marquis Lucius have recently been changed to acknowledge him as solely of the line of Brand.


Ian HelgramArchduke Ian

Ian is the eldest surviving son of Grand Duke Bleys, and is the Heir Apparent within House Helgram. His mother is Swayvanna, daughter of Swayville, the Royal connection giving him the Chaos title of Archduke. He was brought up by his mother, and only became reacquainted with his father relatively recently. Ian is a regular visitor Helgramways, and deals with a lot of the senior day-to-day responsibilities within the House, as the Grand Duke has important responsibilities elsewhere. He has also gone out of his way to get to know the other members of the House.

He recently represented his father at King Swayville’s Dragon Court.

Ian has a number of children and grandchildren, so unless some major catastrophe befalls them, the Grand Ducal line is secure for many centuries to come.



Archduke John

John HelgramJohn is Ian’s younger near-identical twin, although neither of them were aware of the other’s existence until comparatively recently. He was brought up by his father in the Realm of Avernus, and had a somewhat sheltered upbringing. Most of his time is spent in Amber, where he works as Bleys’s principal private secretary. His duties there mean he is the largest employers of Helgrams outside of Helgramways. as he tries to find jobs and purpose for the flood of young House members to Amber.

John was married once, but his wife was murdered by Eric and his minions, and he his only known child is Wendell of Wendellways.





Clarissa HelgramDuchess Clarissa

Clarissa is the eldest daughter of the late Grand Duke Graham Junior, and his wife Joan. She was brought up in the Courts, and was destined for a good political marriage within Chaos. However, she had other plans, and after initiating to the Logrus, she ran away into Shadow. Curiosity took her to the other end of the Multiverse, where she caught the eye of Oberon of Amber, who was looking for a new Queen after the death in childbirth of Faiella of Karm. They married (ironically thereby achieving the good political marriage she’d tried to avoid), and she gave birth to first Bleys and then Fiona. However, as the years passed, what started out as a passionate relationship, turned distinctly stormy, not helped by Oberon realising he’d married her on the rebound.

She almost divorced her husband when she learned he had been having an affair with the Queen of Rebma. However, they eventually reconciled, which resulted in the birth of their third child, Brand. After he was born, however, things disintegrated so fast that everyone around them was at risk of being hit by the shrapnel, and their marriage ended in a nasty divorce.

After she fell from favour in Amber, Clarissa returned to her home in House Helgram, although she remained close to her three children, who Oberon had insisted on keeping in Amber, and worked to promote their fortunes. She encouraged them in their endeavours in the lead-up to the Karm Interregnum and the War Between the Powers, both for their benefit and to get some measure of revenge on her ex Husband. However, as the dust settled, after her younger son went somewhat off the rails, she became keen for her elder son to restore the honour of her line within Amber. Since Bleys became King of Amber, she has split her time between Amber and Chaos.

Other Children of Grand Duke Bleys

MorganaMarquisa Morgana

Morgana is currently the only known living daughter of Grand Duke Bleys, and has only recently come to the family’s attention. Her mother is Cinth of Lyonesse and it said that she was born in the gray area of time when Bleys may or may not have been married to Swayvanna. Morgana’s time has largely be spent in Amber and Asgard but a trip to Helgramways is in the making.


Andrew HelgramMarquis Andrew

Andrew is one of Grand Duke Bleys’ younger surviving sons (it is unclear whether he or Patrick is the elder), and is the child of Grand Duchess Dara of Sawall. However, the circumstances of his birth are somewhat clouded: there is certainly no record of a marriage between his parents. He is beginning to be a more familiar presence around House Helgram, although he is still very much finding his feet.


PatrickMarquis Patrick

Patrick is another recent entry into the family records, having been brought to the attention of Archduke Ian, who introduced him to the Grand Duke. His mother is Jasra of Brandenburg.

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