A fixture at Ambercons, we’ve decided to open a Solstice quote board. Feel free to put very very good classic lines here… PC or NPC, although sometimes a little context might be helpful.

Bleys ahems.  “My full brother, Brand may be a torturer, sometimes very criminally insane, a high strung hystrionic princess but he was born very legitimately. Caine is a bastard. Eric is a bastard. Brand is just a royal asshole.”

Lucius, at the supper table, about Matthew: “Matthew is the one with slurpee cups everywhere and a duct-taped mouth.”

Edward says to Lucius “You know how it is Lucius – that’s what friends are for. We find out all the secret things that you hadn’t had chance to find out about the things you stole from somebody else.”

In the Boar’s head in Amber… “You know, my past does keep coming back to haunt me. ” says Artur. “Oh wait – I actually don’t mind.” he adds.

Niamh, overheard in Antilla Station: “Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.”

“Now theirs a topic that will kill a party faster than Lucius playing children’s games,” Geran rolls his eyes.

“We all love our good bad entertainments. Good trashy novels, good lurid art….Lucius is a good bad friend.” Isaac on Lucius.

Incident number A55h0l3 – Lady Abigail, Baroness Fitzsawall of Thimbyways, mugged by small dark insect in the dark, and may have had property stolen that was a thousand times bigger and heavier than the insect in question. Recommended actions: lose this incident report.

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