Queen Florimel of Chaos to visit King Bleys of Amber

Queen Florimel of Chaos, Chatelaine of Thelbane Tower, has come back to visit her brother King Bleys of Amber.
There was a grand (not state) dinner in the Great Hall where King Bleys rehired the Royal Musicians and the Palace Jester Droppa Ma Pantz.
Queen Elizabeth Channicut had cut Droppa for crudeness and his excessive drinking. She had furloughed the musicians except for trumpeters to announce guests.
Queen Florimel invoked protocol to give Bleys the leverage to hire back this staff. This had the support of Prince John, Princess Fiona and Queen Mother Clarissa.
The Amber Queen Consort had abolished the almonry tradition and Maundry Tuesday (unlike Christian Thursday) and forbade her husband nor her family from doing act of humility as Oberon had done for mainly public relations reasons. Elizabeth reportedly said, “If the Unicorn of Amber i s concerned about the hooves of the paupers of Amber, she should donate her large private fortune to set up foot clinics and hire some doctors and nurses at competitive rates.”
Elizabeth Channicut also stated that she would celebrate Maundry Tuesday by cutting coupons for palace staff family members and crystal recording her teaching frugality in the home tobe shown to all boys and girls in schools of all ages and also in all royal funded academic institutions and also for all mendicants and those who call themselves poor. “I would rather teach people to be cheap!” she said proudly “than to give handouts. Then there will be more people with money and less overcharging merchants who should be whipped through the streets.”
Sadly she has privately admitted that King Bleys, a notorious spendthrift, has still been overspending. Said the King’s mother to her confidents, “Bleys constantly overspends. I was tempted to ask Geran to run his finances but luckily Elizabeth tries to moderate the worst of his spending. She stopped him from putting wine again in the city fountaints citing waste and public drunkeness crimes.”
Meanwhile Queen Florimel in Chaos publicly celebrated Maundry Tuesday and washed feet of a dozen mendicants in front of the Cathedral of the Unicorn.”
Queen Elizabeth Channicut quipped privately, “Flora is getting practice on how to treat Swayville’s gout and she needs how to handle ancient delicate tender tootsies.”

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