The Grey Wolf of Dealunde

• Overview •


As one of the few ‘true’ warped Patterns in Creation, Dealunde ranks just below a full Power, such as Amber or Brandenberg. After Middle Earth succumbed to the invasion of Unlife through its agent, Shelob, Dealunde became practically the sole source of the precious metal mithral; although in the wake of the last succession crisis in Dealunde, several powers are now striving to find alternate metals to fuel weapon development. The land itself has proven fertile and rich, suggesting that the mountain ranges were perhaps once volcanic. Dealunde’s people have also proved to be more than mere shadow-dwellers, with strength and abilities on par with most Chaosians. Its history has been troubled after King Finndo’s death; but his legacy lives on in the famed military might of the Dealunde forces and the unwavering and indomitable determination of his people .

• History •


The Golden Age

Finndo Barriman, the first-born son of Oberon Barriman, king of Amber, drew the warped Pattern that Dealunde came into existence around. Some historians believe he did it in an effort to prove himself a worthy Crown Prince to his father, others that he did it for the sheer joy of Creation and still more argue that Finndo Created Dealunde because he wanted a kingdom free of Amber’s flaws and had tried to build a Utopia for himself. Perhaps there is some truth in all of these opinions; but no matter the initial motivation for the act, Finndo set about ruling Dealunde with a wisdom and deftness seen in few monarchs, present or past. Dealunde flourished under King Finndo, starting the First Age and what has been called ‘The Golden Age’ by many Dealunde academics. Arts, Sciences and Industry all bloomed, providing wealth and stability that King Finndo ensured benefited all who had sworn fealty to him.

Dealunde Casle when Finndo Ruled
Dealunde Castle During Finndo’s Reign

Dealunde found itself partially drawn into the first Civil War conflict that ripped through Amber in the wake of Oberon’s decree of annulment and dissolution of his marriage to Cymnea; for King Finndo supported his mother and maintained his legitimacy as firstborn up to the moment of his death — long believed to have been done by assassins who had infiltrated his camp during the war; but recently proven to have been done within Amber Castle itself with trappings that suggest that perhaps Finndo had successfully taken the throne of Amber for some unknown (but presumed short) period of time before he was brutally slain by his own father’s hand at the urging of his new bride, Faiella.

Thus ended the First Age of Dealunde.

Decline and Obscurity

Several children of Finndo attempted to succeed their father and rule Dealunde, which they did; but none as well as Finndo. Over the centuries, Dealunde sank into obscurity, its shining presence dulled and fading with only echoes of past glory. While Dealunde’s arts and sciences suffered, somehow the military brilliance that defined the Dealunde troops remained with much of Finndo’s original teachings standing the test of time and passed down from one generation of generals to the next. Very few of Finndo’s children who held the throne were very memorable and several have had their names lost to history. The last of these was Robert, who became very memorable when he was seized by the Republicans and publicly executed live in front of a national viewing audience by electric chair. The energy from this unprovoked violent act and subsequent death was gathered up and used  to form a barrier that kept the fledgling rebellious state protected for a time.

The Church of the Wolf has since declared King Robert a martyr and a true son of Finndo. “He gave up his life, but even in death managed to protect us all.” Unfortunately, this would become a theme with the Dealunde royal line.

Dealunde Castle Invaded by Republicans
Dealunde Castle Invaded by Republicans

The First Republic

The Republican uprising has long been purported to have been started by Oberonic agents at the time of Finndo’s death, but little in the way of solid evidence has ever been brought forward to prove such claims. Certainly the existence of Republican camps in Lambeth suggests they started their campaign from that location, moving into Dealunde proper after they had managed to gain popular support. It is well known that Oberon had control of Lambeth at that time, using it as a way-station location on the road to Thelbane, but whether or not that meant that Oberon directly supported them financially and materially remains a matter of conjecture. Irregardless, it is known that the insurgents initially started from some, unnamed, foreign power intervening into Dealunde’s government. Without a strong monarch, Dealunde fell rapidly to the Republicans, unable to muster a defence or counteract their agents.

Queen Niamh Aiofe Daimhin O'Finn
Queen Niamh Aiofe Daimhin O’Finn

• Current Government • 


Queen Niamh Aiofe Daimhin O’Finn rules Dealunde at present. She is the only known and recognised heir of Finndo to have survived at present. Daughter of King Finndo and Jasra, current Queen of Brandenberg, she is full blood sister to King Kelly, whom she succeeded after his death at the hands of the Junta.

Queen Niamh has recently announced her engagement to Thrawn, son of Brand and Emperor of OtherWorld Empire.