Cabinet Ministers

In days of yore, Amber had a government and Parliament However, after his the divorce from Cymnea, Oberon effectively abolished it. I certainly hasn’t met since. However, there are still references to it in the statute books, in case it is ever brought back.

The day-to-day government of the country is now undertaken by the Cabinet, which is formed of His Majesty the King, the Great Officers of State, the Cabinet Ministers, the Royal Secretary, Queen Mother Clarissa, the Princess Royal Fiona and anyone else the King swears in as a Privy Councillor.

Cabinet Positions which are not the included among the Great Officers, along with their responsibilities, are as follows:

Ministerial Positions

Home Secretary

Co-ordinates  matters of importance to Amber as a whole. Home Secretariat to include Immigration and civilian policing in towns and cities (not Port Royal) that have no Lord or Noble ruler

Current Incumbent: Armand Becker

Foreign Secretary

Co-ordinates Amber’s deals with foreign territories, with the exception of territories ruled by other members of the Amber Family in good standing. The Foreign Secretary is also Prime Minister of the Golden Circle. Excludes relations with territories who are also Princes of Amber

Current Incumbent: Princess Gwen

Ministry of  War

Includes War Production and Supply – Emergency Powers under the War Measures Act to conscript granted with Royal Warrant (signed by King or Regent) and seize materials in crisis

Current Head: Edward-Albert Saxe Coburg, Lord Marshal of Amber

Air Minister

Formalisation of the Air Force

Current Air Marshal: Prince Baylor of Amber, son of King Bleys and Elizabeth Channicut 

Health Minister

Oversight and development of the medical professions, promotion and standardization of care for clinics nursing stations and hospitals. Also public education on healthy living

Current Incumbent: Rambault, son of Gerard

Education Minister

Promotion of standardization of education from child care early learning to elementary to post secondary. Apprenticeships and Universities included. Magic schools excluded.

Current Incumbent: Jorrah, Dauphine of Parys

Ministry of Justice

Includes  Solicitor General,  Prisons (excluding police detention and Amber Castle and Port Royal Palace dungeons) and Chief Justice

Current Head: Edward-Albert Saxe-Coburg, Lord Chief Justice

Minister of Magic and Technology

Current Incumbent: Prince Isaac, son of Fiona (in addition to his ceremonial position as Chancellor)

Transportation, Foreign Ports and Docks

This position covers administration and security of Amber City’s docks and harbour, as well as Amber City customs. Also responsible for  other Amber-flagged harbour facilities, as well as Royal Highways and Canals.

Current Incumbent: Wolfgang Ulrich

Industry and Commerce

This position focuses on promoting Amber trade internally and externally as well as fostering and encouraging local business and industry.

Current Incumbent: Prince Baylor of Amber, son of Bleys and Elizabeth Channicut 

Head of the Synod and Minister of the Royal Church of Amber

This is the Theobald Branch of the Church, rather than the Rilga Branch. Includes orphanages, poor houses and social services.

Current Incumbent: Prince Wes Helgram

Lord Mayor of Amber City

Deals with matters in the City of Amber itself, and acts as the chief spokesman for City affairs.

Current Incumbent: Artur Acker

Constable of Amber Castle

Looks after the security of the Castle, and also Chairs the Black Unicorn committee.

Current Incumbent: Edward, son of Benedict

Attorney General of Amber

Looks after Crown Prosecutors, Prosecutions, Lawsuits by and for the Government

Minister of Culture, Heritage and Information of Amber

Looks after non Theatre cultural events, gives grants to the Arts, learning and propaganda

Promotes the heritage of Amber and its history and unique people from the days of the Barriman House Demons becoming ‘Amberite humanform’ to its fights for independence against aggressors and separatists.

Current Incumbent:  Prince Cyrus Helgram-Hendrake FitzOberon

Minister of Natural Resources, Forestry and Mining

This excludes Arden.  Licences and regulates mining, forestry, ensuring that for every tree cut on Crown land, four new  trees are planted, other resources range from gravel and wild crops on public land. Responsible for preventing befoulment of Crown land.

Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries

This ensures that Amber has enough food to feed itself. Supervises the regulations regarding fishing and prevents overfishing in any domestic areas. Arranges for fishing outside of Amber if needed. Controls aquafarms belonging to the Crown and regulates private aquafarms in seas rivers, ponds and lakes. Regulates aquifers and water use in drought afflicted areas.  Maintains seed banks and new hybrids. Regulates and prevents diseases in animals and plants used for food. Approves standards of food for export – controls knackers/abattoirs and meat/fish quality.

Minister without Portfolio

A Minister without Portfolio is either a minister of cabinet with no specific responsibilities or a minister who does not head a particular department

Current Incumbent – Wendell Helgram


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