Amber Court

FlagThe Court of Amber


The Kingdom of Amber is a highly centralized state. The main seat of power is Amber Castle which is located and surrounded by Amber City. The High Court of Amber is held in the Great Hall of Amber Castle. The room is decorated in white and green, the colours of the Amber flag, and is hung with tapestries of the life of King Oberon, and banners from Amber’s historic victories.

The Unicorn Throne is on a gold and silver dais, and is made of the rock of Amber. On the step below the Throne are the chairs for His Majesty’s chief adviser, Princess Fiona, and his Heir, Prince Jonathan, who also acts as his Personal Private Secretary.

Chairs are provided in Court for those who wish to sit. Formal Court Dress is closer to Renaissance than anything else. However, many of the Family choose to adopt modern (late-20th/early-21st century) dress.

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