The Barony of Saxeways

Saxeways was awarded to Gregor after Prince Berrick’s ill-fated rebellion. It is some distance from Amber city and has pro-Eric sympathies.

It is famed for its massive plantations and fertile fields.

Berrick landed at Bensance, a tip off of the southwest of Amber, where there is now a stone watchtower and beacon manned by soldiers from Liss Forest.

The town of Boggan, now little more than a palisade and some huts, is dominated by the prison of Lekursi. The prison is more of a fortress, fashioned with imported volcanic basalt and standing tall above the surrounding plains. There is known to be a large chapel within and a dormitory for the resident monks. The garrison is said to be larger than that of the average barony to guard what is thought to be a handful of prisoners.

The barony’s port suffered some damage during exchanges between Gregor’s fleet and the rebels, but much of this has been repaired and the deepwater harbour is currently being used to re-fit some of Amber’s fleet. Improvements to the port and its facilities are continuing, including a defensive boom, strengthening of the sea wall and stone turrets at strategic points.

Saxeways is also home to the new cavalry school “Stara Miłosna” where it is hoped the new Amber Legion of Horse will take shape. Hand picked mounts from across the Golden Circle have been drawn here and stables are being constructed along with a stud and accommodation for the staff and cavalrymen. As the king’s Master of the Horse, Gregor takes this responsibility very seriously, though it is not known if or when the legion will be combat-ready.

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