The shadow Alumei was a place of many marvels. From the looming snowy peaks of the mountains to the orange and gold deserts washed in the light the twin moons, every landscape seemed almost designed with an artist’s mind.

Technologically speaking, the inhabitants had progressed to a level mirroring an advanced medieval society. They had begun to study advanced alchemy, even managing to form some explosives, but this was rarely used outside of mining. It is a shadow of magic, where spellcraft is somewhat commonplace.

In ancient legends, it is said that the twelve cities were carved from the crystal to ward off a powerful darkness. Only the crystal, a gift from Rethal and Laureli, Father and Mother of Alumei and the Eight Guardians, could protect the people. However, as the centuries passed, the inhabitants came to rely on the monks to worship and heed the legends as the rest went on about their lives.


The twelve ancient cities which populate the shadow’s only continent were all originally designed identically. Each stood, towering monuments of golden crystal from where a massive natural formation once stood. Since their creation, each city has taken on it’s own identity as the city expanded with new structures build from stone, mud or other resources common in the region. However, at the heart of each city remained the buildings of crystal.


The desert city of Ohm is where Tyrian grew up, starting as a lowly urchin but eventually becoming a Sentinel and a hero.

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