Asgard: The Domain of the Gods


Asgard is the home of the High Folk and People.  It is an Earth-like plane centered upon the plain of Idhavoll where the Aesir and Vanir once dwelt.


Asgard is inhabited by the humans of the Nine Clans, various races of the People, and the vaettir of the land.


  • Jarngrimr
  • The Clan Lords
  • The Lords and Ladies of the Peoples


  • Amaroth – Seat of Clan Hedemann
  • Bjeornshafe – Seat of Clan Björnberg
  • Eskiholt – Site of the Battle of Godsfall, where the War of Reaving began.
  • Gislaved – The Tower of the Goði. Administrative center of the Asgardian priesthood.
  • Horve – Seat of Clan Kärling
  • Huldremose – Seat of Clan Anker
  • Hús Allra – The great school of Asgard.
  • Idhavoll, the Eternal Plain – The splendid valley where the gods of Asgard made their homes.
  • Jomsburg – Island of the Ridden. Training center (that is geographically removed for a reason) for the Berzerkr, Úlfhéðnar, and Svinfylking.
  • Kragholm – Seat of Clan Horn
  • Lammhult – Seat of Clan Vind
  • Lindelse – Seat of Clan Linde
  • Ornspirur – Ancient city of learning and monastic training. Ruled by Harald Magnusson.
  • Ringe – The City of Dread. Town completely encircled by vicious rapids. Famous for having never fallen in battle due to its natural defenses.
  • Ruins of Thorn – Ruined ancient city of demihuman origin (Alfar and Dverger).
  • Skaldshome – The center of learning for Skalds and many Loremasters. Contains knowledge of a more esoteric nature than what is taught in Lindelse or Lammhult.
  • Stannasgard – Seat of Clan Ehrenskiöld
  • Tall-Far’s Hall – Seat of Asgard’s only recognized Troll Karl, Krastnal the Crooked.
  • The Burning Walls – Remains of the ancient city of Tile.
  • The Ironwood – Asgard’s primal forest. Wild and uncivilized lands that belong more to the Vaettir than men.
  • The Refactory – Manufacturing research center that represents the primary alchemical and metallurgical developments in Asgard. Home of Magnus’ Forge.
  • Thrymhold – Seat of Clan Neergaard
  • Vogir Nornanna – The Houses of Healing

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