In the ADRPG rules, it details the basics of Sorcery. However, I have long considered these to be inadequate.

Conversations with Erich Wujick and Roger Zelazny revealed that neither was  the same magicophile that I am when I RPG. In fact, I don’t RPG much without a character without powers.  Coming from the Rolemaster School of Essence, Channeling and Mentalism – Spell Law, I have always had a Will and the Word perspective to Sorcery. I detested the early editions of D&D which had silly magical requirements that bordered on cheap hedge wizardry and made the Witches Cauldron contents in Macbeth seem easy to assemble.

While I have always wanted a ‘budget’ on the use of sorcerous ability, the limitations of Endurance has proven to be an effective barrier to abuse.

Regular Sorcery – 15 points

Archetypal spell casting – the ability to get an effect through the use of your own power and ability. Words and gestures are the usual focii. There are various basic  “cantrips” and standard spells which all mages learn, but are largely for use on yourself. These include things like:
Mental wards (self)
Physical wards (self)
Detect magic
Purify/boil water
Teleport – to somewhere you know on-Shadow, or line of sight
Gate – to somewhere you know off-Shadow or line of sight
Basic healing spell (self)
Basic invisibility (self)
Basic mental link (willing contact)
Clean-up spell: clean and dry clothes.

And over and above that the sorcerer would have somewhere between fifteen and twenty other specified spells which they can learn to cast reasonably quickly (call it ten minutes per), or rack, and can also use on others. This might include things like fireballs, coatracks, look-backs, heal others, ward area. Just limit the amount of power at this level.

Advanced Sorcery – 50 points

This is a more Will and Word based Sorcery. It allows pretty much all spells which have turned up in various RPGs, although the GM reserves the right to water down or veto certain extremely powerful spells.

Casting time will vary between 10-30 seconds to cast without ‘hanging spells’.  Using the first edition of Rolemaster, these spells are second to “non-sniper” or “opportunity” melee or missle actions but take precedence over regular missle and melee spells in combat rounds. Power Words will precede them as it takes 1-5 seconds to pronounce the ‘power word’.  If one uses a higher powered spell or one that has a greater impact, it is wise to check OOC before casting it. Psyche determines the factors: longer range, faster, stronger impact.

For magical attacks, the standard distance for regular sorcery and advanced sorcery is 100 feet in most cases

In the old game, I worked with Exalted and other higher level sorceries, although thus far  though I have not clearly provided clear lines above Advanced.

Elemental Spells

While impacted by psyche and regulated by endurance, elemental spells effectively work with Advanced Sorcery.  Classic Lightning bolts, fireballs, icebolts etc fit in this capacity.  Modifications may vary depending on the recipient and their defences.

 Gate Spell

A very useful spell that allows people to using advanced sorcery to teleport across dimensions. It is slower than trump contact but faster than a trump crossing procedure.  The prerequisite is that the caster must have physically been at the location. While it is possible to gate to an area from psychic probes of others or from a trump card, the risk of mistakes, being off a few shadows, being teleported up to one’s neck in dirt or stone is a much greater risk.

Spells Impacting Others

May be moderated by the target’s psyche, strength and endurance depending on the nature of what is being done and who it is being done to.


There are many IC limitations depending on common sense mostly. For example, if a spellcaster wants to make a castle, they should have knowledge of stone, architecture and engineering. If not, they should have these professionals handy to advise them while they make the castle.  The first time is usually the hardest and most time consuming.


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