Mandor Sawall (RIP)


Deceased. Was killed in battle between several family and strokes from Dave Sawall and Edward Albert ended his existence. His signets were delivered to the foot of Swayville by Dave Sawall. [Family included Edward, Ian, Dave, Geran, Lucius, Gwen]

Former Head of House Sawall, and Pretender to the Throne of Chaos and Pretender to the Throne of Amber. In the past couple of years, Mandor has become public enemy number one across Creation, in every last corner.

He was stripped of his known lands in Chaos, both holdings in Sawallways, his own Mandorways, and any other pocket that turns up by King Swayville for the Ways, and a lot of more distant family for the rest. Most of it is either held now by other Sawall family, annexed by Grand Duke Jericho Channicut, or gathered into Davidways held by Dave Sawall.

Despil Sawall showed in Swayville’s court to assure and forward the sentiments of Grand Duchess Dara of Sawallways that if Mandor is apprehended nothing will be said about what happens to him.

He has two sons with Deirdre of Amber: Gregor and Joseph. They did not seem to be supporting their father in his current, recent,  endeavors. He also has a full sister, Marlena Sawall, and through her a nephew, David Corey Adams Sawall. Who had no lost love for his uncle, which was frequently and often violently demonstrated..

Another son, Mandorallen, served as his main military commander until he was recently apprehended and sent to the Stillwater Penetentiary. Princes Ian and Edward are making sure that Mandorallen stays there.


Mandor Sawall Coat Of Arms
Mandor Sawall Coat Of Arms

Mandor Bees On SilverHis many heraldic devices included the Medici balls in silver on a field of sable, and a black bee on a field argent.

To the left is the Mandor form of the Ancient Earth (E1) Medici Coat of Arms, which had five red cannon balls and above, a blue one with a fleur de leys, signifying the marriage of Henry II of France and Catherine De Medici and the Medici blood ties to the Royal Family by Catherine’s becoming queen and producing three heirs to the throne.

This black and silver version signified Mandor as ruler of absolutely everything….

To the right is the field of bees, a variant of a single black bee on a silver background. Another variant of the field-of-bees has the center top bee as gold, with a little crown floating over the head. Again, it signified Mandor’s claim to be ruler of all of Creation, on both sides of Ygg.

He had several children, including the aforementioned Mandorallen.

Anderfals {Captured}


Mandorellan’s son, Anderfals, Mandor’s grandson, emerged as the chairman of the committee of five, trying to further the overthrow of all of creation and Mandor’s ascension to power.

Anderfals was recently captured in a remote installation, a Rock of Creation in a sea of Abyss. He was set up to do a series of rituals with Lucius as the GOH, and the intended result was to take out Parys.

Lucius was with the group and it may have made Anderfals and his cohorts just a bit overanxious… Lucius tossed some serious magic and ended up frozen-but was safely removed from the scene by friendlies and quickly made a full recovery.

Anderfals was mostly delimbed (retaining his left arm) during his subdue and capture and rumor is he’s in the next cell to his father Mandorallen in Stillwater. The Mayor of Stillwater seems a bit happy over recent events so that means he is probably there now, after the Mayor was ‘convinced’ it was a good thing.

His power center, was destroyed, the ritual area is no longer intact.

His fortress of Raziel is untouched.



Handorim, listed as Sorcerer and Special Operations for the Congress of Five, he may have been elevated to leader but the odds are that Grabby Gabby Mandy grabbed that. Time will quickly tell if this is true or not. With her death who knows where he is or what he’s up to at the present time.

What has been determined so far, is his target to take out, of the 5 great powers, is Brandenburg.

His ritual power person is unknown, other than it is male. Odds on would be some blood of Brand’s, though Geran was destined to take out Amber so it could be one of several.

His ritual power area is unknown, where the ritual to take down Brandenburg, is unknown. Looking at a few others it may be in the Abyss. The search is on. With the recent deaths or capture of three of the five, he may get desperate.

His fortress of Sandalphon is untouched and present location is unknown.

Mandy {Deceased}


Mandy, the only daughter in the committee, as Financial and Resources Management.

She kidnapped several, including Brit, Anders and Dave. She did not succeed in collecting them however. Her goons lost her during a shadow shifting drive, she was leading the couple of vehicle caravan, and the three broke out of the armored car.

She was to take out Chaos of the Five Great Powers.

Her ritual center person was female, that is all that is known. May have been Gwen.

Her ritual power area was unknown.

A ritual place set up to do stuff to Magnus near the Zocalo has been removed by Magnus and some raids on her private holdings did occurr. A large amount of Mandy’s jewelry has hit the market all over creation.

Her fortress of Chamuel is untouched and present location is unknown.

She was so ‘greedy’ that it was mentioned she could put a Channicut to shame. Mandor was so disgusted with her grabbiness that he cut her out of his will. If she is still alive when Mandor is captured or killed, she will probably swoop to claw up everything she possibly can, will or no will. Possession is 9/10ths of the law, and she interprets that to be if she thought about it, it’s now hers…. this is now moot.

She was named Queen of Badovia by her father, Mandor, and was recognized by Riva FitzCorey, who was the styled Queen of Coreylands. (Riva has been captured and removed from sight)

Her cousin Dave Sawall had declared that he could no longer tolerate her support of Mandor and his claim to the throne of Chaos and war was declared between Davidways and Mandyways as a result. This is legal under Chaosian law as it is ‘baronial civil war’ and not ‘war against the Crown’ or a full civil war between the Crown and any Province, Ways, or fiefdom. The Declaration of War was read in the Thelbane City Church of the Dragon.

The war has concluded, Mandyways was seriously and decisively overrun. Dave brought in the Warband and they let Magnus’ displeasure for her attempt to collect Magnus for ritual. Isaac was also part of the party….

Mandy was captured in combat, brought to Swayville’s court in a blue crystal sack, and sentenced to death. She was stripped of all titles and beheaded by Armand with an axe as a commoner in Swayville’s court for committing the highest acts of treason.

Harlandor {Deceased}


Harlandor, Intelligence for Foreign and Domestic. He is deceased, he was beheaded. Kalyn has a crystal of the event, showing an old woman doing the deathstroke across his neck and continuing to cut deep enough to decapitate him. The body parts were quickly cremated.

He was to take out Asgard, of the Great Powers.

His ritual person was unknown, probably Grimmandr.

His ritual power area was found and destroyed. It was a Rock of Creation in a lake of Abyss, and taken out by Brit, Dave, and Anders. Dave apparently rebuilt it afterwards into a pocket of shadow, using rune ritual magic he learned in Asgard.

His fortress of Zadkiel was taken by Brit Thrawnson and Grand Duke Jericho Channicut with some expert military maneuvers.

The shadow it was in had a simultaneous coup done by Dave Sawall, who briefly ran his colors up to show he was there. He said he wanted both sides of his family, most notably the other living members of the Mandor clique and Mandor, as well as Riva FitzCorey, to know he was there. He turned it all over to Brit Thrawnson and Grand Duke Jericho Channicut.

Bandor {Deceased}


Bandor, the head of the Military, for the committee of five.

He was to take out Amber as his target, of the five great powers.

His target ritual person was to be Geran, and the entire complex was meant to take anything Geran did, even breathe, and turn it into ritual power. It was very over the top. Including some rare metals, copious amounts.

His ritual power area was taken out. Some say with extreme prejudice. Very extreme prejudice.

His fortress of Haniel is untouched and at present, unknown location.

He was literally vaporized by some other Family very recently, most notably Ian and Edward (and one other). Dave Sawall expressed his gratitude for removing this issue and this piece from the gameboard.

In other actions, somewhere in the Golden Circle, General Tullius has disappeared….


[there may be errors in attempting to keep this up to date with who’s dead, imprisoned, and what has been overrun or claimed off by others as the War of Creation -VS- Mandor continues]