When you wake up with your panda eyes
You rise and greet the stars
Every effort is required now
To focus in on Mars
Is it only a weekday?
How did I travel home?
Did I get there with my friends?
Or did I make it through the cosmos alone?
(“Panda Eyes” –E.Anderson)

Name: Countess Grizelda von Hendrake
Height: 5’10’’
Hair color: Brunette. Eye color: Light green
Distinguishing marks: Duelling scar under right ear
Appearance: Lean & tall, Grizelda never backs down from a fight and isn’t shy about starting one. Reborn as Gullveig the Unburnt in Asgard.
Colors: Ochre and Red
Symbol: Skull impaled by an upthrust dagger
Personality: Touched by Chaos, as they would say; cool and calculating one minute, wildly dangerous the next.

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