Sorren von Palatine

Sorren von Palantine
Sorren von Palantine

Son of Lucius and Dara. Best known as one of the Borstal eight-pack members, first one to become generally known of. Picture from classified sources. Not much else is known.

He has attended ‘the Borstal’ aka the Highblood military Academy, in Ultima Terra. He has mentioned he barely passed a few of his classes.

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 225

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue in Blue

Right handed….

It is also said that he does have a fraternal twin brother, Loren, who is ten minutes younger.

Sorren has been seen in Antilla Station a few times, most notably trying to recruit ‘help’ for various ‘maneuvers’ and complaining that he can’t use eight-pack buddies to do so or his father, Emperor Lucius, gets very upset over ‘non-official’ mobilization of an eight-pack.


A signet ring that Soren has been seen to wear.

Soren's Signet
Soren’s Signet


More to come.