Albrecht Zane von Emerec


  • Father: Brand
  • Mother: Carole von Emerec, Daughter of Johan von Emerec and Rose von Leere


Physical Characteristics

  • Age: Zane appears to be in his mid 20s
  • Weight: ~175 pounds
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Hair: Zane has dark auburn hair.
  • Eyes: Zane’s eyes are a pale gray flecked with silver.
  • Body Type: Zane has a wiry build that supports his scholarly background.


Zane is a fairly recent arrival upon the scene in Chaos and Amber, having spent his younger years in the lands beyond the Void and within deep Shadow.  A son of an eccentric branch of House Geib, he is known to be a devout follower of the Leere religion and an accomplished student of magical theory, specializing in what he refers to as “the Changing Arts.”

The Sorcerers’ Apprentice

Zane is known to have the dubious honor of being apprenticed to not one famous mage but three – Swayville, Dworkin and Suhuy.  Much of his time appears to be spent flitting about working one project or another for this eclectic collection of masters.

Known Abilities

  • Logrus – He has been seen using the Logrus.
  • Shapeshifting – Zane is a known shapeshifter, often altering his own appearance in the pursuit of his studies.
  • Sorcerer – Zane has demonstrated proficiency with a number of magical forms, although his specialty is in transfiguration, which he refers to as the Changing Arts.
  • Multilingual – Zane is known to speak a number of different languages, often lapsing into a rather formal version of German.


    • Colors – Zane’s chosen colors are green and silver.
    • Symbol – Zane’s symbol is a stylized Void Eagle, a creature famous for its mutable nature and magical abilities.
    • Clothing – Zane tends to dress in almost stereotypical mage attire, favoring long robes and belted tunics.  Although he shows no overt fondness for ornamentation, he is rarely seen without a wand made of bone and wood.

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